Mean Betty: Heidi Montag is a Boob

From sex tapes to surgery woes, Heidi Montag is a mess.
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Mean Betty: Heidi Montag is a Boob

From sex tapes to surgery woes, Heidi Montag is a mess.

-Mean Betty

Heidi Montag

It might seem too easy for Mean Betty to take aim at that plastic, celebutard, pseudo-Barbie, Heidi Montag. This is precisely why Mean Betty has restrained herself for quite sometime since she last brought her wrath down upon Spencer Pratt’s ex bag of silicone.

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However, the time has come kittens. Heidi needs a good paddling and Mean Betty must bear the responsibility of bending Heidi over her knee to take care of the task. Let’s face it: Heidi will probably like it.

This was a big week for Heidi, and it’s only hump day, pets. First her ex Spencer revealed he has a girl-on-girl sex tape of her doing naughty things to porn star Karissa Shannon. Let Mean Betty get one thing straight– Karissa is the porn star, but next to Heidi she looks like the carpenter’s dream: flat as a board and easy to screw.

Now Heidi’s running her mouth about how her big fake honeydews are making her feel trapped in her own body. Perhaps this is something she should have thought about before stuffing her chest up to the size of a blimp.

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty: Heidi Montag is a Boob

  1. girleegirl says:

    Why won’t Heidi and Spencer just be sucked up into the great abyss already?!

  2. MaryMack says:

    What a fool she is!

  3. sugarpie says:

    ugh. it makes me feel dirty just to see her picture.

  4. pogmathoin says:

    She got them for the attention, now she’s getting rid of them for the attention. Let’s all thank the good Lord she never had children.

  5. silitalia says:

    What will Heidi do without Dr Frank Ryan…do you think the harm she caused to his reputation hastened his demise..don’t judge me, i’m just asking…

  6. Yay heels says:

    @pogmathoin- you are sooo right!

  7. Britta says:

    Boops ? BALLOONS ! Yikes !

  8. rnpd09 says:

    Ows!nice picture-I realy like he he he,…

  9. littlequeenie29 says:

    I actually feel somewhat sorry for her. She ruined her looks with all the surgery. She was a cute, fresh faced girl before and now just looks like every other pumped up bimbo porn star. Sad. But yes, she and Spencer need to just go away once and for all. He is just a complete mental case if you ask me.

  10. clasifyd1 says:

    pathetic. i love being updated on entertainment and stuff, but reading about her is always a waste of time.

  11. angiemyma says:

    Just. Go. Away!!

  12. myfreetime says:

    maybe during one of her many surgeries the doctor could make sure she doesn’t reproduce,not like she would notice with all the other stuff she does to her body

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