Mean Betty Is Loving These Charlie Sheen Spoofs!

Consider this a special gift from Mean Betty... winning!
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The Soup‘s “Charlie Sheen’s Guide to Duh, Winning”:

“Charlie Sheen’s Guide to Duh, Winning: Make a lot of Money, Have the Career You Always Wanted, Get Sober in an Afternoon, Enjoy a Healthy Sex Life, and Fight Trolls in Middle Earth.”

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Funny or Die’s “Jerry O’Connell Auditions for Two and a Half Men“:

“I like you, you’re a goddess… you are. I pay women to hang out, whatever else happens… I’m on a roll, people.”

Oh, Mean Betty hasn’t laughed that hard in a long time. Mean Betty wants more, more, more! Don’t you poppets?


Mean “Winning” Betty

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