Mean Betty Is NOT Surprised that Another RHONJ Family's Wealth Is Fake

Looks like Melissa and Joe Gorga have been living waay beyond their means. Shocker!

Mean Betty Is NOT Surprised that Another RHONJ Family’s Wealth Is Fake

Looks like Melissa and Joe Gorga have been living waay beyond their means. Shocker!

-Mean Betty

melissa and joe gorga

Kittens, you know how the blingaholic-crazy, table-flipping, Teresa Giudice of Real Housewives of New Jersey always complains that Melissa Gorga, her sister-in-law, copies her? Well it looks like Melissa and her husband Joe (Teresa’s brother) did just that!

Yes kittens, it’s true! Remember not too long ago, Teresa and her hubby Joe had that, ahem, financial difficulty where they had to auction off their hugeass eyesore palatial home and downsize. Seems that Teresa peeling off hundreds from a humongous roll of bills on the show just somehow alerted the feds and the family’s creditors.

melissa gorga teresa guidice

Well guess what kittens? Melissa and Joe Gorga’s home isn’t really theirs either! It’s just come to light via RadarOnline, that it’s now their turn to dump their hugeass eyesore palatial home! They can’t make the mortgage payments! You see my little lambies, when Melissa and Joe joined the cast of the RHONJ, the house Joe had built as a spec house, hoping a buyer would come along and snap it up, suddenly became their home!

Why’d they move? It turns our their original and affordable house wasn’t as big as the homes of the rest of the cast of RHONJ, and yes, that includes Teresa–so they moved into  to the 13,000 square foot monstrosity that is on 8 Pond View in Montville Township, New Jersey.

gorga residence

Now is it Melissa copying Teresa or Joe Gorga copying Joe Guidice? Meanie’s head is spinning with all the copy-catting going on!

Take a look at the photos. Meanie wonders if you need a map to navigate the huge house.

 gorga residence

Gee kittens, Meanie can’t understand why no one would buy a seven bath, six bed home with a three car garage for a few million, can you? Just take a look at the listing.

 A “close friend” of the family dished to RadarOnline, “Melissa and Joe are in way over their heads. Joe owes a lot of people money. They have the house on the market because they can’t pay the mortgage now that the interest rate on it has exploded.”

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Kittens, Meanie hopes that Melissa’s singing career really takes off so they can keep their designer duds and fancy, shmancy house. Otherwise, she and Joe will have to have an auction just like Teresa and Joe Guidice.

Whoever said that imitation was a form a flattery never met these people!


Mean Betty

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