Mean Betty Isn't At All Surprised That Kate Gosselin Was Fired from CouponCabin

Former reality star Kate Gosselin has been let go from her blogging job. Meanie isn't surprised; are you?
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Kate Gosselin

Meanie will be honest, kittens: She hasn’t really been paying all that much attention to Kate’s attempts at blogging over the past few months. But from what she can glean from the comments left by CouponCabin’s users, Kate’s dismissal comes not a moment too soon—and, indeed, may have been a little on the late side. Here is a mere smattering of those comments:

“Finally! Her useless tips and self-adulation were annoying and promoted nothing. Sorry you wasted a year of your time and money on this fraud.”

“It is about time. There was not ONE GOOD COUPON tip she EVER contributed to this class site. People aren’t reading this blog to read how tough she has it with 8 kids.”

“Thank you for Swiffering that woman’s blog from your site. It belongs in a Rubbermaid trash bin. I’ll now resume using your website and taking you up on the wonderful deals you offer. It’s been awhile since I’ve done that.”

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“I’m sure Coupon Cabin has seen first hand what so many of us already knew. I cannot utilize a website or a company that employs or endorses Ms. Gosselin. Now that Coupon Cabin has dismissed her, I feel much better about the quality of your business. Thank you.”

“This was a very wise move on your company’s behalf, Mr. Kluth. Her blogs were self-promoting babble and never aligned with your concept of coupons. Thanks again! I will be visiting your site more frequently now.

“Well done, sir.”

From what Meanie can see here, Kate, far from dispensing tips geared towards saving her readers money, merely used her column to bemoan her own troublesome lot and keep some semblance of a spotlight on herself. Meanie understands that it can be hard to let go of celebrity once you’ve had a taste of it—but Kate, dear? It might be time to learn to do so. Besides, you were a nurse once! Why not resume your original occupation from before your stint as a reality star?

Should you wish to read some of Kate’s columns, they can be found archived here. Do let Meanie know if you find anything worthwhile there, kittens—she’d be curious to see!


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