Mean Betty: Jennifer Lopez Biting The Hand That Feeds Her

JLo says "she's on the fence" about going back to American Idol. Really?

Mean Betty: Jennifer Lopez Biting The Hand That Feeds Her

JLo says “she’s on the fence” about going back to American Idol. Really?

-Mean Betty

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Kittens, it’s true! Starlets have long extensions hair and really short memories. Just a scant few years ago, Mrs. Mark Anthony AKA Jennifer Lopez AKA JLo AKA Jenny from the Block AKA okay make the next one up, fell flat on her well-endowed butt performing her dance flop Louboutins on national TV, then was summarily dropped by her record company for her diva-like demands and undiva-like sales.

My little ewe lambs, for a (long) while JLo was primarily known for wearing too tight pink jumpsuits and dressing inappropriately at football games. Then, the spotlight from heaven shined down upon her, the angels sang (probably not one of her songs), wheels turned and she was anointed judge for American Idol. With that job came a better stylist, better songwriters, product endorsements and a chance for her Bronx accent to once again annoy millions.

Kittens, after one season of weeping over contestants, sharing judging rights with Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler, a man whose hair is longer than hers (and frequently stole “her” spotlight), JLo is making noises about leaving the show. No, it’s not the threat of Randy inadvertently sitting on her — it may be about money! During an interview with BBC Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills, Jenny admitted she might not go back to Idol. “This is the question of the hour. I don’t know. I haven’t been forced to make a decision and I’m glad about that because honestly I’m very on the fence about it.”

Jennifer claims she has lots of other offers on the table. Kittens, what movie did she do that ever did well? The butler and the pool boy thought about it and definitively said Gigli sucked eggs, Maid in Manhattan was painful, Angel Eyes … well, let’s not go there. The only time she was okay onscreen was when she was in Out of Sight. The butler confirms that was only because she wasn’t in it a lot.

When Jennifer Lopez came on board American Idol last fall, her salary was $12 million. The show saved her from being permanently on the worst dressed list and her music from cut-out bins. Now….could it be she wants a raise? And does she deserve it? Throughout the season, if Jennifer wasn’t weeping or trying to perk up contestants, she was, oh, how do we say it kittens … BORING. Her wardrobe was a better conversationalist than she was.

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Since Jennifer has become a judge on American Idol, her career has turned around. To be honest, it’s gone into a different direction. She’s become an accomplished TV pitchwoman and has done print ads. Maybe she does well in TV commercials because the script is short?

Ah well kittens, looks like Jennifer Lopez is merrily trodding down the path of other starlets whose egos are much bigger than their talents.

Do you think Meanie ought to audition for Jenny’s seat on American Idol?


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty: Jennifer Lopez Biting The Hand That Feeds Her

  1. I am highly upset with this article.”Then, the spotlight from heaven shined down upon her, the angels sang (probably not one of her songs), wheels turned and she was anointed judge for American Idol.” That is just ridiculous. Her career started In Living Color, as a dancer, then she played Selena in the major film. With countless hit singles and not to mention her roles in many films, including Maid in Manhattan, Wedding Planner and Enough. She even has two clothing lines and perfumes. I understand if you want to rant about her possibly leaving AI, but don’t be ridiculous and down play her success.

  2. @lpenalo – hello, we are not talking about her previous success, they are talking about her recent lack of success, and how she almost fell off the face of the earth, and how her hair and wardrobe turned ugly, because in actuality she has no style, its all the well paid stylist she pays…mean betty is simply saying she has access to all the stylist once again because AI PAYS her (period). divas are famous for living beyond their means, i bet you sh was in alot of debt and feeling out of control since no knew work was coming in…

  3. It’s just a ploy to get more money.

    Yes, J-Lo was insanely successful for a time but the Bennifer debacle really killed a lot of love the public had for her; she was putting out mediocre movies and music and then she had to go marry Skeletor, a man the public really hates.

    We were tired of her, and Idol made her successful again, now she wants more money and has gone public as a negotiating tool.

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