Mean Betty: Joaquin Phoenix Slams The Oscars

Doesn't Joaquin understand that we only watch the Oscars for the dresses?
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Joaquin, do you think that the masses of people who watch the Oscars actually care who wins? They’re watching it for the dresses! The jewelry! It’s the same thing when Meanie goes to a party, she’s not really interested in who’s there, Meanie just wants the canapés, cocktails and eye candy.

Kittens, the only way Joaquin Phoenix could really, really garner national attention during the Oscars would be if he wore a tasteful gown by Marchesa, Vera or Monique. Then, quite possibly he’d get on someone’s best or worst -ressed list. Other than that, he’ll be overlooked. To most of us, he’s just another guy in a suit. A boring, non-glittery, black and white suit.

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Maybe the rambling, expletive filled Q & A in Interview was just another cry for attention. Mayhap, Joaquin’s just acting like those smelly boys in second grade—you know the ones that throw things at you because they like you? Mayhap Joaquin really does want to wear a pretty, sparkly gown to the Oscars instead of a boring suit?

What Meanie does know, is this: Oscar time is a chance for people to throw movie-themed parties, to dress up and have their own red carpet. They can gather with their friends, “Oooh” and “Aaah,” over the dresses, then rate them. Who wins, who loses…well it’s not just on the agenda. Unless of course, the winner is wearing a fabulous gown and incredible jewelry.

Joaquin, you may have said out loud what the rest of the world thinks about the Oscars or any award show for that matter, but saying out it out loud, won’t, pardon the pun, get you any awards.


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