Mean Betty: Kardashian Kat Fight!

Which one is the "crazy bitch”? Maybe both?

Mean Betty: Kardashian Kat Fight!

Which one is the “crazy bitch”? Maybe both?

-Mean Betty

Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian

Hello, kittens! Mean Betty is so happy that dreary Sunday nights are now enlivened by the antics of the Fightin’ Ks, better known as Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian. Their series Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami has some new episodes, and this week the dear sisters demonstrate exactly how much they value each other’s love.

As we all know, darlings, that nice Kourtney recently had a baby, and she’s very anxious to get back her pre-baby body. (Might Mean Betty suggest the Photoshop Diet? It certainly worked for Kourt before the pregnancy. ) Anyway, Kourtney is especially concerned about her legs and asked the extremely nasty delightfully witty Khloe to “cover for her” at Dash, the “boutique” they both own, while she went to the gym. Apparently Khloe didn’t “cover” in exactly the right way, and what’s more, had the nerve to babysit for Kourt’s son Mason! Bitch! How dare she!

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And the fight is on!

“I’m sitting here with Mason…really trying to make an effort here,” Khloe says. “I’ve been covering for you at the store while…you work out. I’m doing whatever you want to make your life easier.”

Not bad for an opening round. Khloe certainly had Mean Betty cheering for her. And within seconds, Kourtney goes for the jugular and delivers her deadliest line….“I’M NOT COMPLAINING!”

Ouch! Knockout! Takedown!

Little Kourtney fights back feebly, saying, “Be here and be present and do a good job…I didn’t want you here to mess everything up.” No, darlings, Mean Betty didn’t understand that, either. But according to The Jerry Springer Regulations of Reality TV Fights, Vol. 1, contestants are under no obligation to make any sense whatsoever. How liberating!

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Then Khloe exits the ring! She’s going back to Los Angeles and her husband Lamar Odom! “Get out of here!” Kourtney says. “We don’t want you! Go back to Lamar, you f***ing crazy bitch!”

And so ends another happy day in the life of the sisters Kardashian. Now Kourt, left alone, will have to deal with the triple issues of her son Mason, her loathsome leech baby daddy Scott Disick—and the “boutique” known as Dash.

However, Mean Betty must admit she is not really sure whether Dash is a burden. Is it a store—or just a place for Kourtney and Khloe to hang out, drink overpriced coffee concoctions and harass any 18-year-old who’s been unlucky enough to be “hired” as a “clerk”?

What do you think, poppets? Is Dash for real? Is any of this?


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty: Kardashian Kat Fight!

  1. none of it is real – anyone that would stay with that pantywaste of a man Scott needs her head examined to begin with – as for Khloe, I like her the best out of all of them and that says a lot right there – I wish they understood that their behavior, while scriped for tv and ratings is something young viewers think is the path to coolness – sad – very sad –

  2. The first season of Keeping up w/ Kardashians, I noticed Khloe and Kourtney seemed pretty normal. Now, they are both so vain, bitchy, and so materialistic! Kim has never changed. She’s always been a big spender with a soft voice. Khloe looks like a man, and Kourtney sounds like she’s going to bite your head off when she speaks! Did you see her give birth? She pulled that baby out by it’s head! That’s just not the right way to give birth!

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