Mean Betty: Kim K., Little Miss Skeevy

Kim, enough already with the nude pics.

Mean Betty: Kim K., Little Miss Skeevy

Kim, enough already with the nude pics.

-Mean Betty

Kim Kardashian

Hello, darlings! As you know, Mean Betty is a worldly girl and used to many risqué “entertainment” acts. But Miss Kim Kardashian has gone too far this time. Mean Betty was positively traumatized by the sight of the bulbous-butted starlet in silver paint—and nothing else—for a shoot in W magazine. (Mean Betty believes that once upon a time, W was a fashion publication, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.)

After seeing these “fashion” photos, Mean Betty is compelled to ask: Does Kim ever think about anything but sex? How about love, fun, knowledge, adventure, pain, sorrow and life itself? Or does she look at her hot self in her hot mirror and think that there’s yet another day of hot sex ahead? And then there will be sex in the evening, and after that, another day of sex to look forward to!

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So, darlings. Are you tired of the word sex yet? So is Mean Betty. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. It’s like having five slices of birthday cake. Eventually, it just gets disgusting cloying . Admit it, dear hearts: After seeing Miss Kim’s 100th “edgy” photo shoot, don’t you want to pop The Sound of Music in the DVD player? Don’t PBS documentaries start to sound interesting to you? Isn’t it time you sat down with Little Women and read it all the way through?

Actually, the ubiquity of Miss Kim’s flesh (that means it’s everywhere, sweethearts) might make us all find new interests or skills. Such a good thing for us all to do! Kim might take a cue from Mean Betty and her poppets—and start finding a new skill for herself before she gets older and “sex” turns into a very, very bad joke.


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty: Kim K., Little Miss Skeevy

  1. Do you think that Mean Betty is being a bit of a hypocrite? How many other celebrities have appeared on magazine covers wearing just body paint? Demi Moore pops into mind on more then 1 occasion.
    Grant it Kim’s photos likely took alot more paint. I hope it wasn’t coming from an aerosol can. Covering all that booty WOULD put a hefty dent in the ozone layer.

  2. Agreed! If she went away for a 10 years it just wouldn’t be long enough. A good PR make sure that she isn’t overly exposed so we want more of her instead of just waaay to much. Much like Jessica Simpson was OE (not so trashy though) but is now more on the down low. Now we can get a chance to miss her. Follow that path Kimmy. And W Magazine…I’m so disapointed in you! Badly done!

  3. Kim Karfatassian is a slob. Her body is made for porning and fornicating. It is otherwise unattractive – untoned, squat, too fat, too greasy. A plastic surgeon cut her father’s face off her and yet she thinks she is the world’s greatest beauty. She is a delusional ego maniac. She speaks like a breathy retarded two-year old and chases black buck athletes for the only exercise she gets. I HATE HER AND HER WHOLE FAME WHORING PATHETIC FAMILY AND EVERYONE WHO WATCHES THEIR IDIOTIC SHOWS.

  4. BUTT and BOOBS that is all of Kim’s talent she has.A mother that sold her out long ago for profit.She might as well get the money now,becasue looks and boobs all drop in the end..Aging does it everytime.No talent just t and a .Passed around to the fact no man would marry her.

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