Mean Betty: Kim K. Wears Dead Animals!

Little Miss Sex Tape Kim Kardashian loves wearing fur.

Mean Betty: Kim K. Wears Dead Animals!

Little Miss Sex Tape loves fur.

-Mean Betty

Kim Kardashian

Hello, my darlings! The paparazzi are really wonderful in their own way, non? Were it not for their hard work, the world might never have seen the pictures of Kim “Sex Tape” Kardashian stepping out in Manhattan over the past several days in fur. Actually, in more than one fur. And best of all, in 56-degree weather.

She wore a coat. She wore a vest. She wore another vest. She wore two different $9,000 Birkin bags. (Mean Betty can only hope that the classic house of Hermès did not provide them to her for publicity purposes, but in this age, one never knows.) She rode in a white Rolls-Royce. And yet, kittens, Miss Kim looked like a cross between a $200-an-hour escort and a young Long Island matron on a shopping trip to the big city. Ghastly, darlings, simply ghastly.

But there’s more! At an NBA basketball game, Kimmy was photographed wearing just one sleeve of fur. Yes, that’s right, dear hearts. Was this an accident? Did the rest of the jacket fall off? Or was it meant to be just a one-sleeved item? Or was it an ironic commentary on the disposability of “fashion”? And why was “Touchdown” Kardashian at the game, anyway? Could it be that her hunting ground is now the NBA, not the NFL? (After all, Khloe has her Lamar Odom, doesn’t she? And maybe big sis is just a little jealous.)

You may very well see some of this anyway, darlings, since Kimmy was in Manhattan for the shooting of the “series” Kourtney and Khloe Take New York City. And when you do see it, darlings, and behold the magnificence of Kim Kardashian wearing her furs, remember that she’s sporting dead animals who were really meant to be in the forests and the fields, mating and raising their offspring, and fighting their foes for food and land. Their natural foes, darlings, not someone with a trap or a knife or a gun.

But then, nothing is too much trouble for little Kimmy.


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty: Kim K. Wears Dead Animals!

  1. I try to harm animals as little as possible, so I don’t wear fur or leather. I’m still trying to become a vegetarian – I haven’t gotten there yet- so I can’t criticize. I don’t like seeing fur,though.

  2. Did I read this right? $9000 for a bag? Is it the one in the picture because that’s so plain! I hate to spend $100 on a fancy purse, let alone that stupendous amount on something so plain.

  3. You wear leather, right. Fur off – fur on. What’s the difference? I have no problem with people wearing fur. We’ve been doing it since the beginning of man. I LOVE animals, but God put them here for our use.

  4. Frankly I think some of these people make sex tapes and let them “leak” to give their career a boost. Hi Kendra!!! She says she “ashamed” but I doubt it. And it’s rediculous to spend nine grand for a handbag when there is most certainly something even better looking for say $20.00…hello!!!

  5. Oh btw;

    Peta!!! You could find them at the local strip club, looking for groupies and porn stars to be their spokespeople, like any respectable rights group.

    Uh huh. :-/

  6. UGH!!!Those K people are the pits. and the poor animals-wearing fur is gross-Kim is gross for wearing it-what an A_ _hole she is.$9000for a handbag that is ugly-what a joke-a joke like Kim is-why give her any press-maybe she’ll go away-that skank!!!

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