Mean Betty: Kim Kardashian X-Rays Her Butt

What will the Kardashians think of next?

Mean Betty: Kim Kardashian X-Rays Her Butt

What will the Kardashians think of next?

-Mean Betty

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Kittens, one wonders what passes for thoughts that flitter through the Kardashians‘ brains? They seem to be a different breed of people. Perhaps instead of thoughts, they’re like Kelly Bensimon — their heads are filled with unicorns and gummy bears. Take for example (oh, and if you take her, please don’t give her back), Kim Kardashian’s recent ploy for more TV time. She x-rayed her butt!

Yes, my little ewe lambs, apparently there have been rumors abounding that Kim K’s butt has been, ahem, surgically enhanced. Having seen the butt in real life, Mean Betty has wondered about it. In person, Kim appears to be suffering from Gigantism; she’s tiny everywhere, then there’s the butt. It’s so large it does look like it’s either been grafted onto her body or she has a medical condition. Truthfully, it deserves its own zip code.

Anyway, lambies, after Kim had her butt shot with Roentgen rays, her sister Khloe Kardashian thoughtfully posted pics of the incident and then wrote under the photo, “Hey dolls. The PROOF is in the X-ray. Kim’s ass is 100% real!!!”

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We’ve had Khloe take a camera into her gynecologist’s exam room, Khloe (once again) thinking it was “cute” to have a nip slip on national TV. Viewers were subjected to the doubtful pleasure of watching Kourtney and Scott have sex in a bathroom, gee kittens, what other stunt will these gals do? What else can the Kardashian clan over-share with the world?

Someone once said that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. P.T Barnum once said, “there’s a sucker born every minute.” So kittens, who’s the sucker? Us for continuing to watch their antics? Or is it the Kardashians for thinking that most of us care?


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  1. So proof that Kim has a fat a$$, wow shocker, Not. Maybe if the media would quit acting like everything they do is newsworthy the Kardumshians will go away.

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