Mean Betty: Kim Kardashian's Wacky Wedding Moments

Her gown was flawless ... and that's about it!

Mean Betty: Kim Kardashian’s Wacky Wedding Moments

Her gown was flawless … and that’s about it!

-Mean Betty

Kim Kardashian

Happy Taco Tuesday, pets! If you are currently stumped as to what you and your besties should discuss over mango margaritas this evening, Mean Betty has a worthwhile suggestion: Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphriestruly awkward wedding moments.

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GASP! You mean a few things actually went wrong during the biggest reality show wedding of all time? Oh yes, my pretties.

First up, the happy couple’s eerie wedding menu:

Kim K's wedding menu

Is that a supper rundown, or a tombstone? The Addams Family would be so proud!

Next, whilst partying away with hundreds of pals at the disgustingly beautiful estate in Montecito, Calif., Kim and Kris were treated to a lecture by several deputies from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department. Apparently, neither famewhore star was capable of keeping an eye on the volume past 11:00 p.m., so peeved-off neighbors did it for them.

Nothing like a nifty noise complaint to keep the party going!

And speaking of partying, did you hear that little Lindsay Lohan was caught ordering shots from the bar?

Lindsay Lohan

It’s a good thing the private estate was not lacking in flat terrain or metal railings, otherwise LiLo may have spilled her shots all over Kim K’s gorgeous gown!

Lindsay Lohan

Hungry for more, pets? Once the festivities had come to an end, Us Weekly received a not-so-glowing report from an insider who claimed the wedding was rather unpleasant as “there were 100 crew members everywhere.” The source also stated that “the helicopters were so loud nobody could hear the ceremony.”


And if the creepy menu, drunken Lohan, and dozens of irritating distractions weren’t enough, Kim and Kris pulled the ultimate faux pas by saddling guests with these bizarre-o notepads:

Kim K wedding favors

What in the name of…? There are no words.

Here’s hoping Kim’s inevitable baby shower is WTF-free!


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty: Kim Kardashian's Wacky Wedding Moments

  1. The more a wedding costs, the shorter the marriage. She’ll be moved back home by Christmas…. Someone needs to tell Ms. Lohan that if she’s going to wear a nightie in public, that foundation garments would be appropriate… futher if you have to hang on to the bannister whilst being photographed, you’ve had too much to drink (again!) Is she audtioning for bar rag of the year?

  2. I’ve retired any Hermes that I own until the flame out. This horrible orrible. could vulgarize anything.

    Also nice to see that printing on the menu was crooked and that Lilo wore white. Such a klassy krew!

  3. Pretty engraving is one thing, but if it’s so pretty that it’s almost unreadable, it went too far. Or am I the only one that has to concentrate to make out the words on the menu??? I understand the Kardashian’s business is to make their personal lives a thing of entertainment for others and that it presents branding opportunities, but do they keep anything in their life private? Many guests the Kardashian’s barely even know and were invited solely to garner additional paparazzi coverage. The crew being all over the event plus the televising of it. It really makes what should be a personal special event into a big impersonal party. If Kim and Kris are okay with that, that’s fine. But it’s definitely not something I would choose to do, no matter how much money was offered.

  4. The only pictures of the gown I’ve seen show only the sweetheart neckline. You can’t even see the waist much less the skirt!

    I’m in total agreement with Catca! Even allowing for a poor picture, the script on the menu is really difficult on the eyes! I wonder if it was used on the invitations as well…..

    Also, why were Kim’s Jenner step siblings not in the wedding party?? Bruce has 3 sons and a daughter from his first 2 marriages who seem to be non-persons in the Kardashian-Jenner household, except for Brody.

  5. seems that the more money/fame involved the more whoremongers and golddiggin sluts show up. Is it just sloppywood or is all the USA going to trash? What happened to being suave and graceful.They sould pay taxes on that wedding, the same as you pay on a yaught, at least the boat will still be floating next year.No I’m not a hater but sluts look better on old money rather than immature moneyCan you think of the dope soaked chromosomes that kid will have? Thats why the rich adopt,can’t stop long enough to make a baby or carry one!Look out America this crap is in your house daily

  6. The Royal wedding was done tastefully with the knowledge of hard times for many. Good thing the Kardashians don’t have to give a sh–. They don’t have to care about respect.

  7. that some call this wedding America’s Royal wedding is disgusting, The Royal Wedding had class and taste. This was purely for the cash, it has been reported that Kim made money from her wedding I’m sure most things were given for the publicity. The cost of this wedding could have supported numerous families for a year and saved how many peoples home and the marriage may last a year.

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