Mean Betty: Kris Jenner is Taking over the World

Kris Jenner, the biggest mega momager ever is turning into Godzilla of the airwaves.

Mean Betty: Kris Jenner is Taking over the World

Kris Jenner, the biggest mega momager ever is turning into Godzilla of the airwaves.

-Mean Betty

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Kittens! Nothing breeds competition and envy like success. When a close loved one does extremely well, it often makes other family members want to claw their way into the spotlight too.

And yes, my little love monkeys, we’ve watched Kris Jenner hip check her children into the stratosphere for quite awhile. First she got her multi-talented daughter, Kourtney Kardashian to appear on the much-read-about but little-watched reality TV show, Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive. It did better in Australia than it did in the U.S.

Kris then leveraged daughter Kim Kardashian’s “leaked” sex tape into a multi-million dollar career, let the world know that her teen is using birth control, and more. It wasn’t enough that Kris tried to upstage her equally limited talented daughters, but her MOB dress rivaled Kim’s!

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Mean Betty isn’t sure if Kris is going through a second adolescence, is planning on divorcing hubby Bruce, or just wants to be a bigger famewhore star than she is, but whatever the case, she’s got a media onslaught heading our way.

Yes my little ewe lambs, we’re getting a tsunami of Kris Jenner headed our way and we don’t have time to evacuate. Not only does she stick her puss into any and every red carpet event (this woman would go to the opening of an envelope), her memoir, Kris Jenner & All Things Kardashian will be attacking bookstores and Kindles shortly. She has her own line of lady things for QVC that debuts September 8th, and she’s coming to daytime TV!

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Now the butler and the pool boy have all ready told Meanie that there will be no more morning vodkas, rum runners, Margaritas, health tonics if Meanie decides to plonk herself in front of the telly and watch Kris and the girls chat. Horror of horrors, CBS is planning on having Mrs. Jenner guest host on The Talk for two weeks this fall reports Entertainment Weekly. And if that’s not enough for one to grab the smelling salts or something stronger, NBC is wooing the wondrous Kris to guest co-host The Today Show, claims TMZ.

My gawd, kittens, this could mean all Kris Jenner, all the time. Think of it. You click on your TV. There’s Kris preening on E!, then she’s on QVC, NBC, CBS and who knows what else, all in a single day!

Meanie wonders if Kris overestimates her ability to charm, mangle and push her way onto center stage, or could it be that the Luddites had it right??



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