Mean Betty: Lindsay Lohan's Latest "Oops” Moment!

Poor Samantha Ronson, having a leach for an ex-girlfriend is such a drag.

Mean Betty: Lindsay Lohan’s Latest “Oops” Moment!

Poor Samantha Ronson, having a leach for an ex-girlfriend is such a drag.

-Mean Betty

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson

Better hold on tight for this one, kittens, it’s a real doozy! Mean Betty practically did a jig upon hearing that sweetie-pie honeybunch Lindsay Lohan is a free woman (albeit the insignificant little detail of a battery allegation, which is quickly turning into a serious charge), and then a certain tidbit went and thwarted Mean Betty’s sense of hope…

It appears that LiLo has accidentally moved in next door to her ex Samantha Ronson! That’s right, the same gutsy DJ who was embroiled in an on/off/on/off relationship with the erratic leggings-pusher is within shouting distance of her former flame, and according to TMZ she is “pissed.” Fabulous combination, non?

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The story goes that Lohan knew Samantha occupied a residence in Venice Beach, but had “no idea” where (these things are so hard to keep up on). The Freaky Friday star was informed of the amazing coincidence on Monday after her family spotted Ronson pulling into the garage next door.

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson's houses

Oh pets, Mean Betty would have died to witness the look of sheer SHOCK on their famewhore faces! Samantha? Here?? Well slap my arse and call me Shirley!

The mind truly boggles. Now Lindsay, being the kindhearted soul that she is, reportedly cocked her pretty little head back and roared with laughter when asked if she had any intentions of relocating.

Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan

Condolences, Ms. Ronson.


Mean Betty

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