Mean Betty On Bachelor Brad and Emily's Shocking Split!

Wow! That engagement didn't last long.


Mean Betty On Bachelor Brad and Emily’s Shocking Split!

Wow! That engagement didn’t last long. 

-Mean Betty

brad womack and emily maynard

Mean Betty loves romance. Mean totes understands what it’s like to finally meet “the one.” Why, when Mean Betty first laid eyes on Jon Hamm, her knees went weak and her heart went all a-flutter. Too bad he was on a TV screen… Nonetheless, since Mean Betty understands deep, true and abiding love, she is, of course a big fan of The Bachelor. When it’s “show night, “everyone gathers ‘round the TV, margarita in hand, to root for their faves. The butler and the pool boy rooted for Chantal; Mean rooted for Emily. Mean Betty knows best and she knew that Brad, scoundrel that he is, would fall in love with single mom Emily.

At the finale, Mean Betty was thrilled that Brad picked her choice and Mean was also richer by $500! It never hurts to make a side bet when it comes to people getting engaged. Sadly, Mean Betty has to return the money (such a painful thing to do) because the engagement is off!

Emily, after leading Brad on a merry chase, has decided not to marry him. A producer of the show said “It’s always hard sending the couple back into reality after they have been living in paradise, but no one in the history of the show has had as hard a time adjusting as Emily.”

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Since when did reality have anything at all to do with romance? Mean Betty doesn’t understand why there aren’t more reality shows pairing up perfect strangers to see who’d they fall in love with and marry. Kittens, just because you’re filmed 24 hours a day, live in a house that’s more like a dorm, spend day and night vying for someone’s attention, go on group dates, not have to worry about work or paying bills … gee, Mean Betty’s scratching her head here … she doesn’t understand how anyone who falls in love under these circumstances can’t stay in love.

My little ewe lambs, wouldn’t you want to go on national television and have millions of people watch you have your first hug, your first kiss and first catfight? Who doesn’t want to be filmed being rejected?

Mean Betty guesses that once the cameras start following other people and the contestants lovers have to actually interact instead of performing like trained seals, it’s kinda hard to stay “in love.” Paying bills, arguing about the toilet lid staying up or down, fighting over the toothpaste cap — well kittens, these horrific subjects are enough to kill any romance.

Mean Betty loves reality shows because they’re just so unrealistic.


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