Mean Betty on Brad Pitt's Spoiled Gerbils

Mean Betty dishes about how much money the Jolie-Pitt family spends on family pets.
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Mean Betty on Brad Pitt’s Spoiled Gerbils

Brad Pitt spends nearly $100,000 on an abode for his kids’ gerbils

-Mean Betty

Brad Pitt

 Ah pets, Mean Betty has one for you today about … pets. Gerbils, to be specific.

In addition to trying to save the world, it seems Saint Brad Pitt has a strong affinity for the rodents of the world, and recently spent almost $100,000 on a “run” for his children’s gerbils at their estate in the South of France. Pardonnez moi?

gerbilYes, pets, Mean Betty nearly choked on her pâté,too, when she read it. Mean Betty loves her pets and all, but $100,000 for gerbils a gogo?! Mon dieu!

And it just gets better – the run also contains seesaws and platforms on which le rat may frolic. Forget the fact that people in Brad’s, er, pet project, New Orleans could build real houses with that chunk of change, the rodent must be entertained!

According to a British tabloid , Brad The Builder was enthralled with this project because through it he was able to marry his two loves – architecture and his children. Mean Betty wonders where that leaves Angie, who he won’t marry … but will save that speculation for another time.

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