Mean Betty on Bristol Palin, GlamaMama

Um, Bristol, are you sending mixed messages in Harper's Bazaar?
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Mean Betty on Bristol Palin, GlamaMama

Um, Bristol, are you sending mixed messages in Harper’s Bazaar?

-Mean Betty

Bristol Palin

Hey kids! It’s Bristol Palin! I’m here to tell you just how horrible teen pregnancy really is! But wait, first let me adjust my $4,385 Lanvin gown and pour my baby fashion shoot accessory a cup of tea with this silver teapot!

Pastry, anyone?

Being a teen mom is darn hard, let me tell you! I mean, it’s not all “baking-cookies-in-Carolina-Herrera”!

Oh wait …

Bristol Palin

Well never mind! Focus instead on this PSA I star in about the dangers of becoming a statistic:

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Bristol Palin

As you can see, it’s in black and white, which means it’s very serious. As you can see, I’ve suffered greatly since become a mom…

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Bristol Palin, GlamaMama

  1. Ugh talk about mixed messages: “Being a teen mom is really hard. Especially when I have to wear beautiful dresses, appear on magazine covers and show up to make a speech for $30,000.” Being a teen mom is really difficult – Bristol shouldn’t forget how lucky she is to have a supportive, wealthy family to help her. And I recall her family speaking out when Levi Johnston “pimped out” little Tripp in a magazine. This whole ’50s homemaker thing was cute and ironic when Brad and Angie did it. In this situation, it’s just gross.

  2. How is that little guy going to feel when he’s grown up and sees this ad? His mama makes money by calling him a mistake. Talk about pimping your kid!

  3. I don’t think it’s fair to be so hard on Bristol. I mean, at least she’s out there saying that being a teen mom is difficult, even though it obviously isn’t so for her. What would the consequences be if she came out all sunshine and rainbows saying how easy it is to have given birth so early? She’s not exactly saying she’s struggling; it’s just that being a mother is difficult, especially as a teenager. And I’m sure it was not Bristol’s idea to be in those dresses. Honestly, would you have enough confidence at 17 to know that it sends a contradicting message? And even after that, would you have enough confidence to tell a magazine no? I personally think she’s doing good by this. It may be a little shaky, but at least she’s not totally glorifying it.

  4. Maybe the average 17 year old may not be saavy enough to know that these pictures send out contradictory messages. And maybe the average 17 year old wouldn’t have the confidence to tell a magazine no. But Bristol Palin is not an average 17 year old. She has a publicist who arranges all these interviews and people who advise her and presumably a media saavy mother who protects her from bad media decisions. The responsibility for these photos ultimately lies with her and her staff. Lets just face it. The Palins aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed.

  5. Just like her mother… Media Whore… What a horrid, wretched girl… And you people are freaking out about Venus wearing “lingerie”? Jeeeeeeez. I have to go throw up now… yeeeeesh.

  6. Even all the money in the world cannot make a baby sleep through the night. None of us know ultimately how much help she has, but lets face it even under the most optimum circumstances raising kids isn’t easy.

  7. Did she seriously just compare having a baby to getting CANCER? I don’t know who should be more offended — parents who actually appreciate their children, cancer patients, or her poor kid (once he’s old enough to see his mom’s interviews about how she considers his existence to be on par with having a horrible, painful, life-threatening illness).

  8. And still preaching abstinence yet? When will people get into reality?? If her mother would have introduced her to birth control then this would not have happened to her. But het mother chose to preach abstinence! It would be nice if kids would wait to have sex but reality is most will not, so parents get real with your kids and stop living in fairy tale town…..

  9. I agree with vdub4 about Bristol and Sarah Palin being media ho’s – seems the more they do to get attention, the more negative and disgusting they look. Too bad they have no shame!!!

  10. Everyone is so outraged at Bristol — what about the editor, publisher and art director of Harper’s Bazaar? Do you think this photo shoot was Bristol’s idea?
    Also, beating up on the Palins is so last year. You guys are boring.

  11. okay to hankie1… I’m a teen and it’s weird… everyone talks about how oh yeah you know teens are just going to have sex anyways so dont preach abstinance… Not everyone is like that. When people are saying oh well teens are going to do it anyways, it makes you feel like oh so its okay to do it? “Preaching” abstinence is like a reassurance, it reminds us its wrong. There is nothing wrong with that.

  12. Oh give her a break. She’s not the ONLY TEEN IN THE WORLD WHO GOT PREGNANT!!! Younger girls than her have gotten pregnant. Just she’s somewhat famous doesn’t make her the worst person in the world, or a whore

  13. I’m back:) Just wanted to say that just because she’s filthy rich doesn’t mean she doesn’t take care of that REALLY cute baby. She’s still his mom, and she still has the responsibility to care for him. SHE has to wake up at 2am to try and get him to be quiet, not her publicist, or other people who work for her. Sure maybe her family helps her out AT TIMES but she’s responsible for him. And once you guys have a kid, you’ll realize you were wrong to criticize her

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