Mean Betty on Bristol Palin

Sarah Palin's daughter has deep thoughts!

Mean Betty on Bristol Palin

Sarah Palin’s daughter has deep thoughts!

-Mean Betty

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas

Can someone tell me, darlings, why Bristol Palin won’t go away? First there’s her anti-pregnancy campaign, then there’s Dancing with the Stars, and now she’s commenting on a possible “Tea Party” conspiracy.

Like Sarah Palin, Bristol doesn’t hesitate to offer instant opinions and she isn’t bothered by inconsistency. Let us examine her response in an E! interview this week when she called ex-boyfriend Levi Johnston “misguided,” adding, “But at least he’s going to finish his education.” Meow! Mean Betty’s advice: don’t be snarky in public about the father of your child, darling. It’s just tacky.

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And then Bristol, who’s apparently inherited some of her mother’s slipperiness flexibility when it comes to answering concrete questions, said, “We broke up after Tripp was born. I’m over it.” Did the brilliant Bristol forget that little magazine cover, well after Tripp was born, saying that she was engaged to little Levi? Or was that just a story designed to get some “publicity”? Mean Betty will leave that to you to answer for yourselves, poppets.

But the best part of the interview came when Bristol put on her thinking cap to conclude that no, there is absolutely no Tea Party conspiracy to keep her in the running on DWTS by phoning in lots of votes. “Think of all the people who hate my mom!” she says, explaining that that will balance it out. Of course, many people may simply not consider it worth their while to phone in to a cheesy reality show with the purpose of voting against the daughter of a former governor of Alaska.

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Naturally, she gushed about DWTS, where she has lasted beyond all reason despite, er, clunky dancing. “I work my butt off,” she said. She called Mark Ballas, the dance professional who’s working with her, a “friend”, denying any rumors of a romance between them.

Whatever. Mean Betty only hopes that Bristol Palin will not be the last “dancer” standing in the DWTS finale. In fact, could someone declare that the show is officially over for this season? Please?


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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Bristol Palin

  1. I really feel you are very unkind to say these things about Bristol, she has really worked hard to get as far as she has. Brandy and the Jerk mouth partner got them voted off. It was sad how everyone acted booting them off. Brandy was good, but her partner and his attitude towards the judges got them booted. Bristol is not fat!!! She has always been a big boned girl. Jennifer Grey shouldn’t even be in this…she is a dancer. The phoney act of pain in foot and her crying acts of “I can’t do this” was just plain phoney acts. Now she turns on the talent she always had. No Pain. What a lie.Past show did the same!!!
    It made me mad when they gave A win to the ice scater Christy A., she had been trained to dancing choreography since she was a little girl. That was all so unfair to the people that were not trained and tried so hard!!!!This show is supposed to be for people that never danced and become dancers. Bristol don’t have a chance to win now that she is up against all this bad comments and unfair judging.Kyle Massey
    should win. they better not give it to Jennifer a dancer from the start or I and many others will not watch another show these people put on.

  2. What a horrid, wretched girl… Bristol Palin hasn’t “worked hard” to get ANYWHERE. I don’t believe her to be “fat” either…but you cannot deny that she’s put on quite a bit of weight in the last couple of years… baby or no… And, um, PLEASE learn grammar… “Bristol don’t have a chance… up against all this bad comments…” Yeeeeeesh… IDIOCRACY… Learn it folks, we’re LIVING IT in our once grand country… :(

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