Mean Betty on Bristol Palin's "Acting” Debut

Well, it's certainly a cautionary tale ... about something!

Mean Betty on Bristol Palin’s “Acting” Debut

Well, it’s certainly a cautionary tale … about something!

-Mean Betty

Bristol Palin

Wonderful news, pets! Bristol Palin’s big debut in The Secret Life of the American Teenager airs next Monday night on ABC. And oh are we in for a treat! Here’s a delightful little sneak preview …

So sorry, kittens! Mean Betty should have warned you … it’s a little frightening isn’t it?! Mean Betty is confused … is this a horror movie? Isn’t Bristol perfect as a zombie from outer space?

Though Mean Betty is a little confused because apparently Bristol is supposed to be “playing herself.” Maybe she snuck in some acting lessons from her local deer … in the headlights?

One thing’s for sure – Bristol doesn’t have to worry about her mama Sarah Palin getting mad at her for “going Hollywood.” In fact, Mean Betty has just one piece of advice for our budding “actress”…

Don’t quit your day job!


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Bristol Palin's "Acting” Debut

  1. Bristol did it for the money.Give her a chance.We would do it to if we were paid for having no experience as an actor.I give the director the blame as he could of directed her more.She was reading off a card.It is so obvious.She was made to look bad.I have seen her on tv shows where she was herself and looked more convincing than this clip did!!This is so a set up for her and her her mom to look bad!!Again!!

  2. LOL right — the poor, persecuted Palin family, forced into the spotlight once again. It’s not as if Bristol has a CHOICE in the matter– it’s practically illegal to turn down a guest-starring role in a made-for-TV special!

  3. Leave her alone. She is doing more then sitting at home and bemoaning her situation. She no worse then some models/singers/overly pretty people who give acting try. Look beyond the politics and think – she is a single mom supporting a child w/o going on welfare. She is a working mom.

  4. Actually, not bad for being a first time actress! At least it wasn’t Sarah herself! sam3050, your right at least she is staying off the welfare line and participating in the working class. There is a long line for welfare and I think we would see more from Sarah Palin if her daughter had joined the welfare line!

  5. Reminds me of the Governator’s first movie, and that XXX vin diesel guy, and the rock, or whatever he calls himself now, and miley the first 3 years of her show. In other words most new actors suck and for those walk on faux celebrities like Bristol it’s expected that they would not have yet garnered years of proficiency. A little like some of the writing here. Welcome to amateur hour.

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