Mean Betty on Celebrity Beach Disasters

Heidi Montag's massive honeydews, Val Kilmer's cowboy gut and Gerard Depardieu's Birthday suit.
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Gerard Depardieu

Gerard Depardieu


Eeeeek! Mean Betty understands that the French have few inhibitions, but pardonnez moi while Mean Betty recuperates from this frightening sight of Gerard Depardieu in his Birthday suit. This gives true meaning to the phrase, “letting it all hang out,” non? Mean Betty has never seen so much hanging—and drooping and sagging—in her life.

What beach could this be? Mean Betty wants to make sure she never EVER goes there for some family sandcastle building and kite flying.

Have a happy Memorial Day, kittens.


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Celebrity Beach Disasters

  1. at first I was speechless – and then I realized that when I don’t look my best, the LAST place you will catch me is in public in a bathing suit – or less – so go me for having more class – and way more sense – than these overpaid, clueless ego maniacs –

  2. Ew. It’s like a bunch of balloons jumped in her chest, and then some one took a bedazzler to it. Not a pretty site. Way too much fake-ie-ness for me. I think I speak for everyone, aye?

  3. Holy Crap! Looking at her ‘girls’ they seem awkward in size, and one has shiny-tight skin…or is it her bikini top that is out of place? The blonde hair is a witch to deal with. The process takes hours, and may put her in a wig before she’s 35. Oh well…these ‘stars’ today want what they want when they want it.
    As for the gentlemen in this article, yikes!

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