Mean Betty On Charlie Sheen's Madam "Felony"

Girl, you gotta be kidding

Mean Betty On Charlie Sheen’s Madam “Felony”

Girl, you gotta be kidding.

-Mean Betty

Charlie Sheen

Well, well, well, kittens it looks like every hooker slash waitress slash porn star slash “actress” from here to Vegas is hopping on the Charlie Sheen hospitalization train with some story about how they were there or put the cocaine in a drawer, or saw Charlie crawling on the floor or whatever.

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Oh, excuse me for a second kittens…”Oh, hey, you, over there, carrying Mean Betty’s next dirty martini, did you have something to do with this too?! You too?! What the….”

Sorry, kittens, back to Charlie and his antics. Well, today this scandal reached Tiger Woods levels of insanity when “Felony,” Charlie’s alleged “madam” did a lovely video interview with RadarOnline and went into all kinds of details about Charlie’s customer profile.

What is this broad thinking? First of all honey, if you are going to appear on camera, you don’t wear a t-shirt and forget to brush your hair. Secondly, why is she going on camera and talking about being a madam in the first place?! Is this your badge of honor? Well, if it is, you just lost it because who would do business with a blabbermouth like that?!

Mean Betty just cannot hear the words: hooker, Charlie Sheen, cocaine, or exhaustion again! Mean Betty suggests you take a little break and order up two and a half dirty martinis stat to get over this nonsense!


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  1. Mean Betty forgot to mention that not only do you brush your hair before going on camera and not gossip about your customers if you want to stay in business – but you also don’t do it because you don’t want to go to jail! Did Madam Felony (I assume the moniker is meant to be ironic humor) forget about Heidi Fleiss???

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