Mean Betty On Charlie Sheen's Latest Photo Op!

Charlie says, "Harmony is our goal. Sunday was a wonderful start." Meanie wants to hurl.

Mean Betty On Charlie Sheen’s Latest Photo Op!

Charlie says, “Harmony is our goal. Sunday was a wonderful start.” Meanie wants to hurl.

-Mean Betty

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Kittens, Mean Betty is forever thankful to the butler for installing a spit screen over her laptop. This morning as she was trolling reading the news sites, she dumped her morning ‘tooni tonic all over the poor thing when she read this headline in TMZ: Charlie and Brooke OUR NEW, HAPPY FAMILY PHOTO.

Meanie’s first thought was, “gee, what drug is CharlieSheen using now?” Quickly followed by, “Is Brooke running low on her supplies?” You lambkins, Brookie is in rehab. Yes, rehab. Oh, did Meanie mention that Charlie’s footing the bill. He’s such a gentleman. Apparently Charlie sprung ex-Brooke Muller for the day so that she and the kids could play together or get captured by paparazzi. Isn’t that sweet kittens, looks like all is forgiven between the two. I mean, why would anyone harbor ill feelings to someone who chased them around the house with a big sharp knife? That was so long ago, we’re talking 2009, kittens. Positively the Stone Age!

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Meanie does wonder what Brooke might have accidentally pocketed at Charlie’s manse whilst they were playing with the tykes. Funny to think that out of two crackheads, Charlie, he of the goddess harem-tiger blood-WINNG! Sound bites is actually the responsible parent. Wonders will never cease. Or could it be that Charlie’s attempting to walk the straight-and-narrow for a bit while his new TV show is being filmed?

Charlie was so happy with how they day went that he speed-dialed his BFF, otherwise known as TMZ, and chirped to them exclusively, “Harmony is our goal. Sunday was a wonderful start.” They were so thrilled for him, they just had to come over and shoot the happy family.

Kittens isn’t lovely to know when the twins, Bob and Max are older they can use TMZ as their family album!


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