Mean Betty on Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent's Romance

Is Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent's romance a PR stunt or a joke?
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Mean Betty on Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent’s Romance

Is this a PR stunt or a joke?

-Mean Betty

Chelsea Handler

All long-lasting relationships begin with a Tweet, right kittens? It’s what little girls fantasize about when they picture how they will meet the man of their dreams.

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Hollywood’s latest couple proves once and for all that romance is truly is dead and the art of seduction has been reduced to digitally mind vomiting one’s thoughts about the opposite sex. Enter Chelsea Handler and rapper 50 Cent’s latest rompfest… or speculation of it, rather.

It all began when 50—who’s been shot at more times than Chelsea’s gotten horizontal—tweeted, “I love me some chelsea handler.” Chelsea responded by tweeting a photo of a black doll and a blonde doll together in an intimate position with the caption, “Oh, dear.”

If this is how relationships are made Mean Betty fears for the future of not only her love life, but also all of yours, pets.

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent's Romance

  1. Does this make Chelsea a hypocrite since she is so pro-gay and has guys on her panels and 50 who is sort of thug anti-gay with his tweets or maybe shes’ just an all around party girl who enjoys chocolate and every other delicacy on the planet.

  2. Black guys can’t look a blonde chick in the eye for 5 seconds if so, we’ll be sprung. AKA, a black mans kryptonite. haha, all jokes aside, opposites do attract but it’s probably for publicity. Well, starting out that way anyway. We’ll see what happens.

  3. i LOVE me some chelsea too and i LOVE black guys so this is fine by me. actually its peachy : )
    lol calvin..that’s funny. i’ll let you know if i ever prove that one wrong.

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