Mean Betty on Confused Celebrities

Thinking straight proves to be just too darn hard for most of Hollywood.
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Mean Betty on Confused Celebrities

Thinking straight proves to be just too darn hard for most of Hollywood.

-Mean Betty

Claudia Schiffer

Oh, Mean Betty just loves it when stars reveal how truly dumb they can be. As of late, they’ve been foolish enough to confuse the simplest things, like their own skin color, and which way is up. It provides the most pure form of joy, doesn’t it kittens?

Yes, my dear pets, that is Claudia Schiffer above. You know, the white, 100 percent German supermodel. It appears the modeling stereotype is true – the poor dear has lost too many brain cells walking runways and thinks she’s black now. In her blackface makeup and faux afro, she looks surely convinced of her skin color, no?

Mean Betty doesn’t know who to feel sorrier for: Claudia for her apparent identity crisis, or Mr. Karl Lagerfeld for having the absurd thought that this photo shoot would be a good idea. The duo apparently skipped out on history class, where they would’ve learned about racism and long-dead minstrel shows.

It’s so sad – the fashion industry has been fighting that “dumb and vapid” stereotype for so long, and then these two come along to ruin their efforts.

But wait, the fun isn’t over yet.

Christina Ricci

It seems Christina Ricci has forgotten which way is up. She pretends to be all smart and witty, attending a gala at the Museum of Modern Art, but even Mean Betty knows that cleavage should be seen from the top of a dress.

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Silly Ricci – no one wants to see your boobs fighting with gravity and losing. Even Heidi Montag’s plastic orbs are more pleasant to look at – at least they’re headed in the right direction.

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Confused Celebrities

  1. there’s a blackface trend? – and sine when do we look to Hollywood for straight thinking – about anything – this behavior – all of it – speaks volumes about what our youth is being taught – make no mistake – a lot of young people are influenced by these knuckleheads and unless there is a force out there showing them a better path, they will start thinking that this behavior is the norm – frightening – all of it –

  2. It never ceases to amaze me. I can understand making a bad dress choice but what I never will understand is this; was there really no one to warn her, “oh no dear, boobs on the collarbone are so passe.”

    I’ve been saved of social embarrassment many times by a well intentioned friend.
    Have they no friends?

  3. Okay, I’ll bite. What movie did she open? I’m trying, but I can’t think of any hit movies she’s starred in and “Killers”, her new one, is so bad it’s not even being screened for the critics….

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