Mean Betty on David Arquette Entering Rehab

Mean Betty is surprised David Arquette lasted this long before checking himself into rehab.
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Mean Betty on David Arquette Entering Rehab

 Mean Betty is surprised he lasted this long!

-Mean Betty

David Arquette

Happy 2011, kittens! Did you have a good time this weekend celebrating the New Year? Mean Betty sure did – there were plenty of martinis and men to keep a smile on Mean Betty’s face well past midnight, as well as some juicy news straight out of Hollywood.

We’re barely three days into the New Year and already the rehab centers in California are seeing major traffic. Lindsay Lohan is getting ready to leave the Betty Ford clinic (my, how Mean Betty has missed the freckled-face delinquent), and David Arquette just finished checking himself in.

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Of course, Mean Betty is not the least bit surprised. David should’ve checked into rehab after that first humiliating radio interview with Howard Stern, during which he rambled on about separating from his wife, Courteney Cox, and admitted he’d been hitting the bottle more than ever. That would’ve been enough for Mean Betty to run straight into the first rehab center she saw, but not David…

No, Mean Betty fears he mistook Howard Stern for his real therapist, as he continued to call in to the radio show, spilling his heart (and his drink), and inserting his foot farther into his mouth. Mean Betty winced in pain when he started describing what it was like to have sex with someone other than Courteney (TMI, David, T.M.I.), and admitted, “Everybody’s worried and concerned about me. When I drink, I become a maniac.”

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  1. Oh Betty…not David! He’s so dang lovable; like a misbehavin’ pup. I wish him the best and frankly, wish Courtney the worst.
    As far as Lilo goes, are there any other freckle faced celebrities? She sure has a lot of ’em.

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