Mean Betty On Eddie Cibrian's Image Consultant

LeAnn Rimes' fiance is sick of his 'philandering sleaze' image

Mean Betty On Eddie Cibrian’s Image Consultant

LeAnn Rimes’ fiance is sick of his ‘philandering sleaze’ image.

-Mean Betty

Eddie Cibrian LeAnn Rimes

Oh, kittens, is he for real?! Us Weekly has a report than none other than LeAnn Rimes‘ fiance Mr. Eddie Cibrian has hired an image consultant as he is sick of his “philandering sleaze” image! Is he freaking serious!? Eddie, baby, it looks like you’re a a day late and a dollar short on this one!

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Now Mean Betty is all for some touchups – wink, wink – be it some fab new makeup or perhaps a touch of botox, but a guy who left his wife and two kids after meeting LeAnn on the set of – pardon me while I heave – a Lifetime movie, is far far gone at this point.

According to this report, “He’s tired of being portrayed as a philandering sleaze,” and his newly hired image consultant has advised him to “get rid of his Porsche and buy a Prius” as well as be seen more with his two sons with ex. “Instead of going to a Lakers game with his buddy, the consultant insisted he bring a son,” a source says.

Oh, please! No matter what car he drives or how many Lakers games he takes his sons too, Mean Betty still thinks this cat is lame, lame, lame! You might as well give Mean Betty your tickets if you really want to do something productive!

Sorry, kittens, Mean Betty gives up on Mr. Eddie Cibrian. He’s just one big cheeseball!


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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty On Eddie Cibrian's Image Consultant

  1. Betty, you insult cheese by calling this jerk a cheeseball. And Mr.Cibrian, if you’re sick of the philandering sleaze image, then stop acting like on. If the shoe fits, etc. What a lame brain! He and the slut deserve each other.

  2. I don’t understand why you people judge this couple…I can name 10 couple in 10 seconds (some like Brad pitt and his parddon me while I barf) slizy past life wife) that left someone for someone else. Please…clean off yours and thier door-steps for awhile and leave this couple alone.

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