Mean Betty on Gabrielle Union's Hair-Raising Experience With The TSA

Gabrielle Union's weave almost left her grounded.

Mean Betty on Gabrielle Union’s Hair-Raising Experience With The TSA

Gabrielle Union’s weave almost left her grounded.

-Mean Betty

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Mean Betty rather enjoys flying. However, Meanie isn’t thrilled with the all the hoops one has to jump through before she one on the plane. True, having to take one’s shoes off before one boards is a wonderful excuse to have a pedicure, and while the pool boy cries at the mere mention of the phrase, “body scan,” Meanie likes to think that it’s just a reminder to wear cute underwear. However, the one thing that Meanie has never, ever been able to put a positive spin on is the general wackiness of the TSA agents — surely Gabrielle Union agrees.

Meanie does wonder sometimes if the TSA purposely rejects intelligent applicants and only hires the ones who are not only stupid, but who have the worst, the absolute worst common sense and most horrific customer service skills. Meanie recalls once being one of only two people on a flight to be singled out for “special treatment.” Yes, it was Meanie and a 90-year-old man with a walker who apparently fitted some profile. He had to lean against the wall, while his walker, his suitcase and person was inspected. Meanie was told that everything in Meanie’s suitcase would be inspected with a fine tooth comb. Meanie told the agent that if she got her jollies looking at someone else’s dirty clothing, to please go ahead.

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And who doesn’t remember the elderly woman with a colostomy bag who had to strip down and prove to the TSA that no, she wasn’t a member of Al Qaeda and her appliance was not a weapon of mass destruction? Let us not forget about the cupcake that was confiscated because it was deemed, “dangerous.” In that case, Meanie does wonder if the TSA agent involved was doubling as a member of the diet police.

The latest and over-the-top redic TSA occurrence happened when Good Deeds star Gabrielle Union tried to board a plane this week. According to the Daily News, Union was stopped by a female TSA agent because her hair — or more accurately,  her weave — was flagged by the body scan.

What was the first thing Gabrielle did? Tweet of course! First she was a little grumpy about the ordeal. Then she started making fun of the whole thing. At one point, she Tweeted, “If human hair & threads set off the body scanner…a lot of folks jus ended up on the ‘watch list’…it’s a weave not terrorism”

Meanie has thoughtfully provided the tweets for your delectation.

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Finally, Gabrielle — and her hair — were allowed to fly. And nothing, yes, absolutely happened!

Meanie does wonder what will happen to all the men wearing toupees who want to fly. Will they finally come clean and stop wearing road kill on their heads? Yes, we’re talking to you Donald Trump.


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