Mean Betty on Jake Gyllenhaal's Bathroom Scuffle

Looks like everyone wants a piece of Jake, no matter where, when or how.

Mean Betty on Jake Gyllenhaal’s Bathroom Scuffle

Looks like everyone wants a piece of Jake, no matter where, when or how.

-Mean Betty

Jake Gyllenhaal

Well, this will certainly put those “Jake Gyllenhaal is gay” rumors to rest (or will it make them worse?). Mean Betty hears things got downright dirty in the bathroom at South by Southwest on Friday night.

Reports say Jakey was in the men’s room doing what men do in there, when another male fan snapped a photo of the star mid-stream. Everything is fair game to some people these days, kittens.

An enraged and grossed out Jake allegedly took the guy, threw him up against the wall, and said, “Are we really gonna do this right now?”

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Mean Betty’s response to that would be a simple, “Hell yes we are!” You can’t just throw Mean Betty up against a wall and not expect Mean Betty to get all hot and bothered, kittens.

But, it went a little different for the photo-happy dude. The cops were called, and there were more fighting words exchanged before the “Jake at the urinal” pic was deleted.

After the incident, Jake told reporters, “I think it’s an appropriate space to keep privacy. I hope that people wouldn’t disagree with me on that.”

Mean Betty wouldn’t disagree — it takes balls, literally and figuratively, to pull a move like that. No matter how much  Gyllenhaal-love a guy has, that’s just bro code. It’s like trying to talk to Mean Betty before she has her morning bloody mary coffee. You just. don’t. do. it.

Looks like we have a very early and strong contender for Mean Betty’s Idiot of the Week, eh poppets?


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