Mean Betty on Jason Sudeikis

A gentleman should never kiss and tell!

Mean Betty on Jason Sudeikis

A gentleman should never kiss and tell!

-Mean Betty

January Jones and Jason Sudeikis

Mean Betty never keeps her opinions to herself, but pets, she believes there are some things that should be kept in the bedroom. It seems a few Hollywood “gentlemen” have yet to get that memo kittens.

Hollywood funny guy Jason Sudeikis has stayed under the radar throughout his stint on Saturday Night Live, but the Going the Distance star never learned the rules of Hollywood romance: unless he’s going the Speidi route, a gentleman must never kiss and tell.

Jason’s been getting close to paparazzi target (and walker-of-shame) January Jones, star of Mad Men. January’s kept her mouth shut about their relationship, but Jason decided was feeling rather chatty during his appearance on esteemed chat show Lopez Tonight.

“[Paparazzi] don’t follow me around,” Jason told George Lopez. “[But] they sometimes follow around the girl that I’m dating.”

Of course, George couldn’t help but prod Jason about that “girl,” and charmingly asked if Jason had “seen [Jones] naked and everything.”

He’s classy, that George! And like every adolescent boy, Jason had to blab about the chick he’s landed.

“I don’t want to get into it,” he said, warming the cockles of Mean Betty’s cold heart. “Just kidding! I do want to get into it. I do, and I have!”

Charming. Jason, did you ever think about the fact that January has chosen not to talk about seeing you in your birthday suit for a reason? If you want to keep seeing girls naked, you might want to learn to shut your pie hole.

As for January? If she has any sense, she’ll take her boots and walk out of that relationship for good.


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