Mean Betty on Jennifer and Julia

The box office doesn't lie, darlings.
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Mean Betty on Jennifer and Julia

The box office doesn’t lie, darlings.

-Mean Betty

Jennifer Aniston

Good morning, poppets! Mean Betty hopes you all had a wonderful weekend! Did you not go to The Switch? And last weekend, did you avoid Eat Pray Love in favor of, oh, a Jersey Shore rerun?

If so, sweethearts, you are like millions of other American women, who stayed away from the multiplex in droves just so they wouldn’t have to see Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts twinkle their high-paid way through yet another “winsome” film.

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As everyone knows–except, possibly, unborn alien babies on Mars–Ms. Roberts plays a “real-life” author who embarks on a wildly adventurous trip through Italy, India and Indonesia with the help of a $200,000 book advance. And Ms. Aniston “portrays” a beautiful, “upscale” single woman who wants a baby, gosh darn it. Except that she ends up with the wrong sperm donor—a hottie ex-boyfriend she doesn’t “like” anymore. Bwhahaha! Such a merry mixup!

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Jennifer and Julia

  1. Brava! I hated Eat Pray Love-the book. It was whiney and self-indulgent and I have no desire to see this movie.
    I’d only see Jen’s movie to watch Justin Bateman.

    Film makers wakeup! Women want interesting stories on the screen about intelligent fun women, not movies about women who whine.

  2. Yeah, the money is the issue for me. Both movies look good – but not $12 good! I only go to the movies a few times a year now, just because it’s so expensive. I’d rather rent movies like this.

  3. Don’t talk down Eat Pray Love in favour of The Blind Side — most of that movie was Sandra Bullock staring pityingly at Quinton Aaron!

    I read Eat Pray Love about two years ago, and it helped me through a lot of turmoil I was going through at the time. Elizabeth Gilbert is my role model! I’m excited to see the movie because I adored the book, not because of the publicity behind it.

    Memoirs as a genre are self-indulgent. Writers are self-indulgent by nature. I’m okay with reading someone else’s indulgence if it gives me respite from my own life for a while.

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