Mean Betty On Jennifer Aniston Being So Happy

Jennifer Aniston is really, really happy!

Mean Betty On Jennifer Aniston Being So Happy

The actress is really, really happy!

-Mean Betty

Jennifer Aniston

So kittens, Jennifer Aniston really wants you to know that she is really, really happy! The Just Go With It star makes it very clear in a new People interview that the biggest misconception about her is that she’s some sad actress, desperate for love. “I’m really happy. Really!” she says. “I think people honestly just want to see me as a mom and married and barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. And I just want to say, ‘Everybody, relax! It’s going to happen.'”

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This really hit a cord with Mean Betty, because sometimes when Mean Betty has had three too many martinis and just stumbling all over the place, Mean Betty starts screaming, “I’m not drunk, really, REALLY, REALLY, I’m not!”

Then of course everyone sees the empty martinis glasses and gives Mean Betty a hard time! So Mean Betty knows the message you send when you are trying to overcompensate!

Anyway, Mean Betty does like the looks of this new Jen Aniston film Just Go With It and we are definitely going to see that. Really, really, really we REALLY are!


Mean Betty

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6 thoughts on “Mean Betty On Jennifer Aniston Being So Happy

  1. How old is Jen Aniston now? 42? And she’s not dating anyone? Jen dear, you’re wonderful, but there is nothing you can do to turn back that biological clock. You need to either take matters into your own hands (adoption or fertility doc help), rush into a relationship with someone, or just get used to the idea of not having a child and letting people know it’s not what you want. But at your age, you can’t afford to say “it’ll happen”. That time has passed.

  2. Jen Anniston is happy and millionaire.She is self sufficient and only needs a man for companionship.So why should she take a chance at supporting a man the rest of her life.She can buy a surrogate to have a baby and there are plenty of men around when she needs one.Look at some of these stars that are supporting their husbands and are ending up being resented for it…

  3. Jen should be happy. She is worth a fortune. No worries there. She’s beautiful, smart and funny. Lets face it, if she wants a baby there’s a way. It hasn’t been her choice so far. Finding a man isn’t the problem, Finding the right man is. Most woman are looking for that – so what. If Jen says she is happy, I believe it.

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