Mean Betty on Jesse James and Kat Von D's Mushy Love Tweets

Mean Betty's poor eyes don't want to read this trash!

Mean Betty on Jesse James and Kat Von D’s Mushy Love Tweets

Mean Betty’s poor eyes don’t want to read this trash!

-Mean Betty

Jesse James and Kat Von D

It takes a lot to trigger Mean Betty’s gag reflex (trust Mean Betty on that one, pets), but Jesse James seems to be a pro at it. First, he bumped uglies with the train wreck that is Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, disgusting Sandra Bullock, Mean Betty and anyone else with taste.

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Now, James has returned to Twitter after a two-month hiatus to gush about his new lover, who’s in the same lowlife category as Bombshell, just with a more famous name, Kat Von D.

Oh, how Mean Betty wishes Twitter had a screening process that blocked people no one ever wants to hear from. Sigh…

The Tweets are très disturbing, poppets – the stuff of Mean Betty’s nightmares. Observe:

Jesse James tweets

Please excuse Mean Betty; she just threw up a little.

TMI doesn’t even cut it, kittens. Mean Betty wants to gouge her own eyes out after seeing these shameless and tacky public professions of love.

“Nothing says love like a sniper rifle”? You’re the “luckiest MoFo in the world”? Such eloquent remarks from such a classy, good-looking couple! Please, tell us more! (Mean Betty just loves her sarcasm).

After all, it isn’t true love until you tweet about it, right kittens?

Mean Betty is positively thrilled for Sandra Bullock, even though she looked like crap at the Golden Globes, because anything—from being a single mom to having mediocre pity sex with Ryan Reynoldsanything is an upgrade from the fake and insensitive trash that is Jesse James.

Mean Betty just updated her browser’s settings to permanently block any and all information coming from and … Mean Betty suggests you do the same.


Mean Betty

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