Mean Betty on Jon Hamm's Call to Arms Against Celebrity Idiocy

Mean Betty joins Jon Hamm in the fight against the idiocy of today's celebrity culture - and you should, too!

Mean Betty on Jon Hamm’s Call to Arms Against Celebrity Idiocy

Mean Betty joins Jon Hamm in the fight against the idiocy of today’s celebrity culture – and you should, too!

-Mean Betty

Jon Hamm

Kittens, are you as in love with Jon Hamm as Meanie is? Because Meanie just adores him, and not just because of his appeal as the flawed yet gorgeous Don Draper on Mad Men. He is also, as far as Meanie can see, not unlike the stars of Old Hollywood in times gone by: Funny, charming, and above all, smart. What can Meanie say? Brainy equals sexy!

But kittens, Meanie has just found a new reason to love the lovely Jon Hamm. When asked by Elle UK how he feels about the bizarre phenomenon known as celebrity culture, he noted that he had no patience for it before announcing the following: “Whether it’s Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton or whoever, stupidity is certainly celebrated. Being a f**king idiot [Meanie’s note: Jon! Such language!] is a valuable commodity in this culture because you’re rewarded significantly.” He continued, “Incuriousness has become cool… It’s celebrated. It doesn’t make sense to me.”

Let’s all give Mr. Hamm a warm round of applause, kittens, for hitting the metaphorical nail right on its tiny metaphorical head.

Granted, the quotation is taken out of context; this interview is set to appear in next month’s issue of Elle UK, so we don’t yet have the circumstances surrounding the blurb to help make sense of it. But even context-free, Jon’s calling out of the idiocy of celebrity culture is notable. For years, America has played host to a parade of “celebrities” who not only are famous only for being famous, but who moreover achieved their initial fame by less-than-honorable means—frequently, as in the cases of Little Miss Paris and Princess Kim, by the scandal of a sex tape. It finally seems that we are growing tired of it—though perhaps much later than we should have.

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Nor is our darling Jon the first to call attention to this rampant problem; such illustrious figures as Daniel Craig, Jonah Hill, and even President Obama and First Lady Michelle have expressed their concern (and outright disgust) about “celebrity” idiots. Most of them are railing against the Kardashians, who after an inexplicable level of success have long outstayed their welcome—an occurrence that, unsurprisingly, coincided with Kim’s speedy dissolution of her already questionable marriage—but the problem is far from limited to their media empire. Now that attention is finally being drawn to it, whatever shall we do?

Kittens! Meanie has had a sudden vision of greatness! Imagine an army of all the Jon Hamms, Daniel Craigs, Jonah Hills, and Obamas of the public sphere rising up against the tide of idiotic celebrities! With their call to arms summoning the masses, perhaps we can finally buck this trend of terrible, brainless awfulness which has made clear its designs to take over the world! How wonderful would that be? What a lovely dream! Judging by the extra, unasked-for mimosa that has just magically appeared at Meanie’s elbow, the butler thinks so too. One must always make an effort to be on the same page as one’s butler, after all.

Of course, the shame of it is that something else equally idiotic would no doubt move in to fill the vacancy as soon as it possibly could. Furthermore, as long as there are gossip mags, tabloids, the Internet, and reality television, there will always be another piece of ridiculousness waiting in the wings. Perhaps, kittens, this is the tragedy of the human condition: That we must constantly be on the lookout for mindless nonsense to fill the gaps, perceived or real, in our own lives. Will we ever break free of this vicious cycle?

One can always hope. In the meantime, Meanie takes comfort in the idea of an army of the intelligentsia lead by Jon Hamm. You should too, kittens; for after all, if one must dream, it is always best to dream of Jon Hamm.


Mean Betty

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  1. There are many people who agree with Jon Hamms statements. These no-talent people have the lowest form of entertainment and are making millions. It’s the sign of the times , I guess. Really good entertainment is hard to find on Television. Someone catches on for no rhyme or reason and they are off and running, but good TV..absolutely not, and that is what Mr Hamm was speaking of….have to agree

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