Mean Betty on Justin Bieber's Deep Thoughts

The Bieb says his fans "do not know who I am.”

Mean Betty on Justin Bieber’s Deep Thoughts

The Bieb says his fans “do not know who I am.”

-Mean Betty

Justin Bieber

Hello, kittens! Since Justin Bieber’s arrival on the “music” scene, Mean Betty has admired the skill of the little teen’s handlers. He’s the perfect boy! He loves his mother, he loves his fans, he loves what he does. He’s a love machine!

Until, that is, he gave an interview that showed the image might be disintegrating just a bit. Little Justin got angry when he told the reporter he’d gotten a Range Rover for his sixteenth birthday, and the reporter asked if the vehicle was real or a toy. (Oh, dear. Mean Betty hopes the reporter was joking, but that seems not to be the case.) “A real one!” the superstar barked. “Of course I can drive.”

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And asked about whether he could ever have a “normal relationship” with a girl, the pop prince, who had been talking about his favorite kinds of music, snapped, “Why do you keep interrupting me?” Poppets, one does not need a degree from the Columbia University School of Journalism to know that the interview was not going well.

Mean Betty was actually relieved to see that Justin hasn’t been totally programmed by his handlers. He’s as obnoxious as any other teenager! There’s hope for him yet!

He even said his fans don’t really love him! “It’s not real love. You can say it is, but it’s not. They do not know who I am.” That’s deep, Justin. If only idiots “stars” like Spencer Pratt had that perspective! But we can’t have everything we want, can we, darlings?

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Although the Bieb “wants to stay as much a kid as I can” (another Deep Thought!) he’s preparing to transition to the adult-pop world in a few years. The way Justin Timberlake transitioned? “I’m going to do a Justin Bieber,” he says.

Good for you, little guy! Mean Betty knows how hard it is to stay grounded amid the insanity of controlling managers, nutsy cuckoo fans, and insensitive reporters. Congratulations!

And don’t ever be tempted to model yourself after Justin Timberlake. That whole Britney/virginity thing, you know. Really tacky.


Mean Betty

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  1. i love when he gets talked about on chelsea lately:
    ‘there were a lot of fights back stage at the vmas, i was outraged when his handlers would not put him in his dora the exporer car seat for his big entrance.’

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