Mean Betty on Katy Perry and Lady GaGa

What's worse-shirtless men or boobs that shoot frosting?
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Mean Betty on Katy Perry and Lady GaGa

What’s worse—shirtless men or boobs that shoot frosting?

-Mean Betty

Lady Gaga

Hello, my darlings! So much is happening in Celebrity World that Mean Betty hardly knows where to begin! LiLo’s must-have alcohol bracelet? Speidi’s heartbreaking “split”? No, kittens, let us turn now from these very important matters and focus instead on…little Katy Perry.

The songstress is apparently shocked by “Alejandro,” a new video from Lady GaGa, which features rosaries, crucifixes, naughty-nun outfits and legions of shirtless, muscular young men with no visible body hair whatsoever. Ms. Perry is not a fan.

“Using blasphemy as entertainment,” the blue-haired chanteuse intoned on Twitter, “is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke.”

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Mean Betty isn’t surprised (actually, Mean Betty is never surprised) by Ms. Perry’s air of hard-core moral authority. For little Katy, as many of her fans may not know, began her show-business career as a Christian contemporary-music artist. In Christian contemporary music, no four-letter words are allowed, not even “fart.”

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23 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Katy Perry and Lady GaGa

  1. My esteem for Katy Perry dropped considerably after I herd how idiotic she sounds on those Pro-Active commercials — like a silly little valley girl! She’s not even in the same league as Lady GaGa.

  2. Katy Perry is the worst. Seductively licking an ice cream cone and singing about kissing a girl for your boyfriend’s benefit are both even cheaper ploys for attention than comedians who tell fart jokes.

  3. Why is it that religious people are so hypocritical? Katy’s got an air of, I can do this but you cannot. She flips out because something crossed her threshold of morals, something she believes in bc her parents crammed it down her throat growing up. But it’s ok for her to flaunt sex all over the place…. premarital and temptation are def not against christian religious morals, Katy, you stupid hypocrite!

  4. I like Katy Perry wayy more than lady Gaga she can’t even sing so ya’ll need to keep all them stupid thoughts in your dumb heads. where they belong.

  5. Dude Gaga grew up in a Catholic home and went to Catholic school. I see no problem using her upbringing in her work especially becuase I know people who have nun fetishes. It’s a little weird but it’s true. At least she wasn’t burning a cross in her music video like Madonna did…

  6. apparently Mean Betty doesnt know what how much satire is in Katy Perry videos and songs. fuck gaga she tries to be “eccentric” and “weird”. at least perry is the real original. sorry, betty. i usually like your blogs but in this one u seem like an airhead.

  7. Love both ladies’ music… Gaga more so than Katy, but for Katy to site religion + sex is a little LATE IN THE GAME… Like CityLady212 said…ever hear of a lady called Madonna? Talk about religion + sex… Mo INVENTED that game in videos! There’s room for MANY female artists…don’t judge each other…embrace your differences. Plus… Gaga gives us SUCH LOVELY MANCANDY… :) Go, girls! All of you keep rockin’!

  8. Fuck off, Katy. Gaga’s Madonna-esque video might be stupid, but people who write songs that use ‘gay’ as insult and are massively biphobic do not get the moral high ground.

  9. I think Kate Perry is far more interesting and genuine than Gaga. Both are talented but Perry says what she thinks which sometimes comes out bad but at least it’s honest. She is playful and fun and light hearted. Watching some of her interviews on BBC makes me think she would be fun at a party or to hang around with. Gaga is on the other hand all superficial she changes her politics like a well seasoned congressmen with convictions only inline with her polling research. She is rude in public and seems full of herself. Yes, she is talented but she was going no where fast until she decided to ditch her musical focus and instead focus on sensationalism, shock, and sex. She plays well to the liberal media and so they do everything to bend over backwards to prop her up despite her tantrums and rudeness. Katy is clearly less sophisticated but I’ll take a fun real person any day who makes mistakes to a fake, selfish spoiled pop princess playing the numbers for shock value instead of relying on her talents. She was no where without the shock and sex and will be yesterday’s news in a year or two. Kate might be to but I think she is having more fun and will not need to spend the rest of her life sucking up to the media or crashing into drugs and other self abuse as so many young celebrities do.

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