Mean Betty on Katy Perry

Why must Katy Perry bring sex to Sesame Street?

Mean Betty on Katy Perry

Why must Katy Perry bring sex to ‘Sesame Street’?

-Mean Betty

Katy Perry and Elmo

Mean Betty knows she can be hard on Katy Perry, but Ms. Perry just won’t do anything to change Mean Betty’s mind. What’s dear Katy’s offense today? Playing with Muppets while nearly nude. Quelle horreur!

Katy Perry found her way to Sesame Street and did a little duet with beloved Muppet Elmo. You see, Elmo had promised Katy that he would play dress-up with her, but then he changed his mind. Katy then launched into a modified version of her hit song “Hot and Cold.”

As Katy was doing her best impression of a bratty child, Mean Betty noticed that she was a little exposed. You see, Katy chose to appear on Sesame Street wearing a dress with a faux-corset bodice and sheer mesh that just barely covered her chest. The segment features Katy chasing Elmo around, and her cleavage plays a prominent part… and happens to be eye-level with Elmo’s red head.

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What was she trying to do, give Elmo a furry little boner? Didn’t she realize she was on Sesame Street, a show where the most scandalous thing to happen is when Oscar the Grouch yells “Scram”? The audience who watches the show can barely count to five — but Mean Betty is sure that little kids would count 1, 2 boobs they didn’t want to see.

So, Sesame Street producers decided to pull the clip from the show after YouTube viewers complained about Katy’s outfit. Mean Betty can’t imagine why.

Children have their whole lives to watch pop stars trot around half-naked and listen to them sing about how hot it is to make out with other girls. Why can’t Katy cover up her cleavage just a little bit while she’s performing for kids and Muppets? Do it for the kids, Katy.


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Katy Perry

  1. I actually don’t like her. At all. Most of the time I couldn’t care less about what stars are like, but I think she’s mean and nasty.

    And yeah, what ever happened to the innocence of childhood?

  2. what 5 year old knows about boobs come on get over it its an ice skating dress they dont move and you see the top goes to her neck this is why sex is so taboo you go over bord on a top next you will say its bad that elmo and them dont wear pants and stuff i let my kids see it and they loved it and dont get why shes in trouble they did nothing wrong

  3. My 3 year old son knows about boobs- so that’s not really a valid argument. I think that since this is a KIDS show, she could have shown a little bit of tact and worn something better. But, this is who she is and the people who asked her to be on the show are really the ones to blame. They should have a) realized this is who she is and b) talked to her about her wardrobe, ask her to wear something decent. Oh well- it’s not a HUGE deal, just a silly thing Katy Perry and Sesame Street did.

  4. 1) Don’t you think Sesame Street handles wardrobe for their own show and if Ms. Perry wore that outfit, it had to go through their costumers since the skit was about “dress up”?
    2) It is an ice skaters costume, and not any more low cut than what actual ice skaters wear. The difference is that you rarely see an ice skater with large boobs. What’s wrong with kids knowing that boobs come in different sizes?
    3) The skit itself was cute and innocent, no sexual moves, etc. Why are Americans so hung up on the human body and then allow alot of violence on tv, even in kids programming? Are we really saying cleavage is more damaging to children than violence?

  5. I don’t think it was THAT bad and kids can look at any channel and see more than that. Besides if they were so concerned, why didn’t they just ask her to put something else on that would not show, God forbid, her cleavage? I think this has been blown way out of proportion and think Sesame Street needs to stand up and take responsibility for offending people because they are the ones that caused it. If they saw nothing wrong with it and they do have A LOT of experience with kids, then why the major fuss over it?

  6. I think people are blowing this way out of proportion. Catca made some great points. The outfit had to have gone by several people before filming. It’s no worse than an ice skating outfit or bathing suit. It doesn’t show anything wrong or bad. People are just way too uptight. I have three children ages 3, 13, and 18, so don’t peg me as someone without kids. My 18 year old hardly ever gave me trouble and has grown into a healthy, independant woman. Want to get mad about clothing? Pick on Lady Gaga. She wears see-through underwear in public. You might run into her anywhere while with your children. I don’t see packs of parents chasing her with censor bars.

  7. She was on Extreme Home Makeover last night with her boobs hanging out, too. She doesn’t even have nice boobs. They look small and saggy. Cover up. It’s gross and stupid.

  8. As I read the comments, I realize why my job as a school counselor will never go away. There are “kid” things and there are “adult” things. Little kids don’t need to be exposed to the grown up stuff. They see WAY too much these days.

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