Mean Betty on Kendra Wilkinson: "I'm Against PDA"

A former Playboy model AGAINST public displays of affection? Mean Bettyu ponders the contradiction.

Mean Betty on Kendra Wilkinson: “I’m Against PDA”

A former Playboy model AGAINST public displays of affection? Mean Betty ponders the contradiction.

-Mean Betty

Kendra Wilkinson

Has being a mommy turned Kendra Wilkinson into a prude? Or perhaps this Girl Next Door is cleaning up her act simply because Dancing With the Stars is on family-friendly ABC and not the sleazetastic E! Network. Either way, Mean Betty isn’t buying it.

Mean Betty was perplexed to hear the new DWTS contestant tell Access Hollywood, “I actually just admitted to [Louis Van Amstel, her dancing partner] that I am against PDA. I’m very open about sex, but PDA is like, I’m really shy about it. So this… this is actually a challenge for me.”

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Excuse Mean Betty while she takes a moment to process this new information. So, ballroom dancing with a partner is a challenge. Doing the tango together is a challenge. But being completely naked in a spread in Playboy, making vulgar jokes about your fake breasts on your reality show, and screwing an 85-year-old man night after night were all a piece of cake?

Kendra Wilkinson and Hugh Hefner

Is it just Mean Betty, kittens, or is Kendra off her rocker?

“Everybody thinks I’m all like, sexy, sexual and all that, but no,” she says. “When it comes to [Louis] actually telling me, ‘Just grab me! Be sexual,’ or whatever, I’m like, ‘Aaauhhh!'”

Mean Betty is assuming she means that “Aaauhhh!” in a bad way, which Mean Betty can’t help but cackle at. That means she must really freak out when a photographer asks her to take her top off, or wince in fear when she’s told to give an XXX-rated pole dance.

Oh, wait… she did both of those in all 81 episodes of The Girls Next Door without even being asked to? That’s what Mean Betty thought.

Kendra, Mean Betty likes you so much better when you’re the sexy, outspoken and highly inappropriate vixen who’s not ashamed to let it all hang out. Don’t downplay that just because, starting tonight, you’ll be twirling around the dance floor in ridiculous sequined ensembles for millions of viewers. Own your sex appeal and use it to your advantage in this totally overhyped dance competiton. Because you and Mean Betty both know that PDA is freakin’ hot… and it will be great for ratings.


Mean Betty

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