Mean Betty on Kim Kardashian's Big Break-Up

Kim's split from her latest bf, but she's still shopping!
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Mean Betty on Kim Kardashian’s Big Break-Up

Kim’s split from her latest bf, but she’s still shopping!

-Mean Betty

Miles Austin and Kim Kardashian

Greetings, poppets – today brought some sad, surprising news. Kim Kardashian, that model of good taste and fidelity, has broken up with her boyfriend of three months! Mean Betty was so aghast that she nearly choked on her spinach-and-egg-white omelette.

The lucky man in question is Miles Austin, a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys. (Mean Betty has no idea what a wide receiver is, nor does she want to know. Ever.) But quick hookups and breakups like this always puzzle Mean Betty: between Miles practicing for football season and Kim shilling for her reality show, how did they ever have time to meet? Is there a speed-dating service for NFL players and aging “starlets”? And how can they spend time together once they’re a publicity-mad couple item?

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It seems, kittens, as though the lack of time together is exactly what broke up the quickie relationship. “There’s no huge reason except their distance apart,” a “source” told People magazine. “With his season and Kim’s filming, it just slowly split them apart.”

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Kim Kardashian's Big Break-Up

  1. FBNYC says:

    Haha! I like the last part about her “insightful” tweets.

  2. blondeelicious says:

    LOL is that Lady Gaga in the background of the 2nd pic? :P

  3. NaptownCutie says:

    My favorite was the last paragraph. :)

  4. dannyoui says:

    To me Kim thinks shes all that and then some , She got a FAT ass and likes Black guys and everybody knows why that is don’t we ??? We all seen the videos

  5. copperbelly says:

    Gettin real tired of seeing her all the time. Wonder why she doesn’t get a white guy and try to be normal for a change, to me she’s used material!

  6. miss_wilson says:

    blondee i don’t think thats gaga but i was gonna say what the hell is she doing dressed like that when everyone else looksl ike they’re dressed for a fancy event.
    danny wtf. no we have not all seen the videos.
    and copper, while i am tired of seeing her all the time too what does her having a white guy have anything to do with eing normal? interacial relationships aren’t normal? that’s a fucking dumb ass thing to say.

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