Mean Betty on Kim Kardashian Suing Old Navy

Kim K's not happy that they hired a look-a-like for their ads.

Mean Betty on Kim Kardashian Suing Old Navy

Kim K’s not happy that they hired a look-a-like for their ads.

-Mean Betty

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Oh kittens, Mean Betty is just shaking her head (it may be in time to the cocktail shaker, but still..), she’s so upset over this silly little mess that’s going on now. Kim Kardashian, months after the Old Navy commercial ad, Super C-U-T-E was aired, Miss K has decided to sue the store because she feels the public was fooled into thinking that she was endorsing the company. Kim’s lawyer, Gary Hecker told the New York Daily News, “Kim Kardashian is immediately recognizable and is known for her look and style. Her identity and persona are valuable. When her intellectual property rights are violated, she intends to enforce them.

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Intellectual property? Are we to understand that Kim Kardashian has a brain?? Well, when it comes to money, she and her momager know how to make a buck and then some.

My little ewe lambs, let’s look at the most basic fact: the commercial was aired months ago. Yes, kittens, Meanie is repeating herself, but there’s a point. When the commercial first aired, Melissa Molinaro, the Canadian actress and singer, was interviewed on TV about her “role.” She told E! News that she was, “extremely flattered” that fans thought she looked like Kim. Kim never, ever said a word about it when the spot ran all over the country.

The pool boy, the butler, even the gardener gathered ‘round the photos to compare the two. They all agreed that while there’s a superficial resemblance: both have dark hair and eyes, both have “big girls,” only Kim has a huge butt (darlings, it needs its own zip code) and Melissa, the double, has talent. Melissa can sing, act and dance. Which is waaay more than Kim can actually do in real life. Oh kittens, we know that Kim released a single (not even the truly fanatical Kim fans listened to it), she “acts” in commercials, but can she move? Nope.

Let’s face it, Kimmie would never be caught in Old Navy’s clothing. They’re, ahem, super cute, but Kim likes to waste money on overpriced items that don’t always fit well instead of wearing something cute, trendy and inexpensive.

Meanie thinks that Kim is suing for three reasons: (1) she’s jealous because Melissa is talented and Kim is not. (2) Kim needs more money for the wedding. (3) Melissa is now dating Kim’s ex, Reggie Bush!

Now kittens, if you want to read a good piece of fiction, take a gander at the lawsuit. TMZ was able to secure the paperwork. We think it would make a great TV show!


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  1. I personally think it’s more of a take on the Black-eyed Peas if you factor in the guys and their sound as a group. Kim just needs to SO get over herself!

  2. I have to agree with Ms. Betty, K.K. is just plan old got nothing better to do than sue Old Navy, (which is my favorite clothes) store suffer beucase she is so over-rated highly strung adult with issues. Leave my Old Navy alone !!!

  3. how can you sue someone for a mild resemblance – does she expect this girl (who by the way is prettier) to have surgery so they look different. The Kardumshians really need to get over themselves.

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