Mean Betty on Kim Kardashian's High Hopes to Be a Bond Girl

Mean Betty didn't know James Bond would stoop so as to have Kim Kardashian as a Bond girl.
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Mean Betty on Kim Kardashian’s High Hopes to Be a Bond Girl

Mean Betty didn’t know James Bond would stoop so low.

-Mean Betty

Kim Kardashian

My dear poppets, Mean Betty has a question for you this morning: why is the iconic phrase, “I’m Bond. James Bond,” still cool to say after all these years?

Because James Bond is one bada** mofo. (Sorry pets, but there’s no other way for Mean Betty to phrase it). As far as male characters go, he’s the epitome of style, class and suave sexuality. He oozes sex with every move he makes.

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In fact, Mean Betty has long, luscious dreams about bedding Bond from time to time – Mean Betty’s sure he’s very skilled with all the weapons concealed in his designer suits.

That’s why the women that play Bond’s love interests have to be of the best quality. One has to believe that they’re so devastatingly beautiful and seductive, they can bring the most alpha of males to his knees. Every woman wishes she could be a Bond Girl, but the privilege is reserved for the select few…

And Mean Betty is absolutely positive Kim Kardashian is not one of the select few.

The reality-whore revealed her outlandish dream to be a Bond girl on the SAG Awards red carpet Sunday night, causing steam to erupt from Mean Betty’s ears. “I would love to be in a Bond film – a Bond Girl!” she told E! News. “That would be the ultimate.”

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  1. I think she is a pretty woman but a bond girl she isn’t. There is a certain it factor these woman have had and to me, she just doesn’t have it. Sorry kim!!

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