Mean Betty On Kristen Stewart's Photoshopped Face In Vogue

Kristen Stewart gets a touchup that makes Mean Betty go "hmmm."

Mean Betty On Kristen Stewart’s Photoshopped Face In Vogue

Kristen Stewart gets a touchup that makes Mean Betty go “hmmm.”

-Mean Betty

Kristen Stewart

Now, kittens, everyone knows Mean Betty is all for putting one’s best face forward, and if that means extra under eye concealer after a few too many cosmos the night before, or a trip to the doc for a bit of botox, well hey, Mean Betty is all for it.

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But, kittens, have you seen these photos of Miss Kristen Stewart all chopped and cropped and airbushed for Vogue?! It’s like someone was a little Photoshop happy that day and just went a little too crazy! This doesn’t even look like her!

Now, Mean Betty don’t love this lady, and we all know how she went in and swooped Mean Betty’s man Robert Pattinson away from her. But still, Mean Betty knows a Betty when she sees one, and this Kristen Stewart is quite cute. By the way, she’s only 20-years old, so why the heck would someone go all Photoshop crazy on her…. it just doesn’t make any sense!

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!


Mean Betty

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7 thoughts on “Mean Betty On Kristen Stewart's Photoshopped Face In Vogue

  1. ChattyCathy says:

    Yeah that’s just plain crazy!

  2. pogmathoin says:

    The blonde pic looks more like Kim Raver than KStew.

  3. Catca says:

    I’m a little confused on the choice of KStew for Vogue to begin with. Nothing against KStew as I agree, she’s a pretty girl. But her fan base is pre-tween, not exactly Vogue’s target audience…

  4. mannequin says:

    But Kristen didn’t do it, those crazy photoshop guys in the back room whipped that up.

  5. WhiteSugar56 says:

    Yeah mannwquin said it right!! Kristen’s not the one who did it.. The photoshop people did. Then again doesn’t she get final say??

  6. littlequeenie29 says:

    She definitely looks better without all the photoshop crap. She is cute and natural looking but in that pic looks way older, etc.

  7. paitwilliam says:

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