Mean Betty on Lady Gaga

Meat. Hair. Why don't we call her Lady Gag?
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Mean Betty on Lady Gaga

Meat. Hair. Why don’t we call her Lady Gag?

-Mean Betty

Lady Gaga

Hello, kittens! As you probably know, Mean Betty is not easily shocked, but Lady Gaga (or Gag as she shall be known in this letter) has fallen on her 12-inch stilettos into the Pit of Bad Taste, and it’s not certain whether she’ll ever climb out again.

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Mean Betty is sure that everyone in these United States saw the meat dress that Gag wore to the MTV Video Music Awards. But, darlings, you may not know the “back story,” as they say in the “entertainment” industry. First of all: yes, it was real meat. And it was “designed” by one Franc Fernandez, who obtained the dead flesh from his “family butcher.” Not only that, darlings, MTV reports that the “dress” was “styled”! If Coco Chanel were alive, Mean Betty is sure she would be green with envy!

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Lady Gaga

  1. I’m always impressed with the way Gaga challenges the status quo. However, I really thought the meat dress wasn’t made out of real meat. It’s like Marcel Duchamp’s on acid.

  2. I don’t know that Lady Gaga’s meat dress was tasteful. But I bet it was tasty!

    As for the hair dress—well, if it was good enough for Lady Godiva, it’s good enough for Lady Gaga!

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