Mean Betty on Lindsay Lohan's Drug Test Slip-Up

Lindsay Lohan's cocaine-use après rehab? Shocking!
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Mean Betty on Lindsay Lohan’s Drug Test Slip-Up

Cocaine-use après rehab? Shocking!

-Mean Betty

Lindsay Lohan

What’s the first thing everyone expected Lindsay Lohan to do after getting out of jail and rehab, kittens? Take up knitting? Perhaps take some yoga classes? On the contraire, little pets — indulge in some cocaine treats is what Mean Betty had her money on. Not that Mean Betty would take bets on such a topic.

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TMZ reported on Friday that Lindz—who was released early from rehab—had failed a random drug test. Mean Betty doesn’t blame the soon-to-be Inferno star. She’s an addict, darlings. It’s a disease and the rehab facility shouldn’t have released a hungry beast into the white powder-laced streets of Tinsel Town early. Now, she may face up to 90 days back in the slammer.

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Lindsay Lohan's Drug Test Slip-Up

  1. Oh dear Lindsay. (Sigh)
    You were such a breath of fresh air back when ‘Mean Girls’ came out. You weren’t another bleached blonde bimbo, you had a respectable but not overly large bosom and you seemed genuine.
    Oh how drugs and Hollyweird have corrupted you. I don’t know if you can turn the beat around like Drew Barrymore or not? Time will tell I suppose.

  2. What do you expect…it’s the judges faught just as much as Lohan’s. She’s never gonna change on her own. They need to lock her ass up for about a year. Let her think about her actions. All she does now is laugh at the system while she’s doing her drugs! Hollywood such a strange place.

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