Mean Betty on Mariah Carey as a Mommy

Does this boggle anyone else's mind? Mean Betty imagines the future of Mariah's baby.
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Mean Betty on Mariah Carey as a Mommy

Does this boggle anyone else’s mind? Mean Betty imagines the future of Mariah’s baby.

-Mean Betty

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Have you heard the news very convincing rumors, kittens? Mariah Carey is going to … gasp! … be a mother!

Truly pets, this is terribly hard for Mean Betty to imagine! Mariah Carey seems to be one of the more singularly self-obsessed people on the planet … which makes her so entertaining! But it’s truly going to blow her perfumed little mind to suddenly get booted off her flowered rope swing at the Center of the Universe. No?

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Allow Mean Betty to gaze into her crystal ball and see the future of Little Baby M….

1. The baby will be named “Sparkles” or “Fluffy” or “Angel” and have a pink, glittery room to match….

…No matter what the gender.

Or: Hubby Nick Cannon says they already have baby names picked out:

“We’re gonna do it like George Foreman,” Nick said on his morning radio show on 92.3 NOW, People reported. “We’re gonna name all of our kids Mariah no matter if they’re boys or girls. … Mariah No. 1, Boy Mariah, Man Mariah, Tall Mariah. It’s gonna be a house full of people named Mariah.”

Who here thinks he’s joking?

2. Mommy Mariah’s going to import hordes of white kittens and doves as playmates for Baby M. Someone should put PETA on standby.

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Mariah Carey as a Mommy

  1. very a’scared for the baby!! d’oh! honestly, i’m surprised she wants a baby(ies). fortunately nick is happy to be her man (servant). i’m sure he will be mr. mom as well. that baby better poop glitter, or he/she will never live up to mommy dearest.. er.. um.. mommy mariah.

  2. I have to give her kudos for the movie ‘precious’ when she was really at her ugliest! She is not a bad looking lady, def not the most beautiful as we have all seen her weight and looks fluctuate like anyone else’s, but hopefully her coming out of her selfish stage to put herself in that place in the movie is a sign she is willing to sacrifice ‘more’ than her ‘looks’ when it comes to having a baby! She does seem very superficial to me and to a lot of other peeps!

  3. I’m happy for them. There are plenty of people that shouldn’t have kids but I don’t think she will do that bad of a job takin care of the baby. I do think she will be a pain in the ass as she gains weight though, poor poor nick, at least we won’t have to deal with it

  4. Perhaps a child is just a ruse to cover up her insane infatuation with Hello Kitty things?
    She’s so self indulgent, it’s hard to imagine, but it will either change her for the better or the kid will be raised by nannies and be brought to her for inspection and a kiss on the forehead, twice a month. Fluffy Sparkles could end up very screwed up.

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