Mean Betty on Mel Gibson's Joint Custody

Mad Max can teach his daughter all about hatred.

Mean Betty on Mel Gibson’s Joint Custody

Mad Max can teach his daughter all about hatred.

-Mean Betty

Mel Gibson

Does anyone else out there besides Mean Betty think that giving the abusive, racist and all around potty-mouthed Mel Gibson unsupervised access to his three-year-old daughter Lucia is bad idea?

If you set aside his public hatred of women, Jews, African Americans and Mexicans—not to mention his abusive nature and inability to control his temper—Mean Betty is sure Mel is a wonderful father, kittens.

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This joint custody will be great for Mel’s daughter. He’ll have plenty of time to instill into her how the Wetbacks are only worthy of cleaning the house and the Jews are only good for—nothing really. Mel’s the perfect role model, n’est pas?

Mean Betty prays for little Lucia’s sake that she never gets out of line around her daddy, or his unholy wrath may rain down upon the toddler. Mean Betty can see it now, “Lucia , you left your Barbies all over the floor!! Come here so I can beat you like the no good bitch that you are!”

You can’t coddle these three-year-olds today—right, pets?


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Mel Gibson's Joint Custody

  1. Good Grief…Mel Gibson has 8 other children and has never once been accused of being a bad parent. He may not be a good companion to a pyscho whore..but he can still be a good parent.

  2. First of all the kid is less then a year old. Second, His other kids have problems all over the place with substance abuse. I wonder where they learned it from??

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