Mean Betty on Miley Cyrus and Higher Education

She can't be tamed by college? You're kidding!
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Mean Betty on Miley Cyrus and Higher Education

She can’t be tamed by college? You’re kidding!

-Mean Betty

Miley Cyrus

Happy Monday, darlings! How was your weekend? Marvelous, one hopes! Mean Betty was lounging by the pool Sunday afternoon, scrolling through all those delicious celebrity web sites, when a headline caught her eye: “Miley Rules Out College.”

Hmmm. Somehow, Mean Betty is not surprised. Are you, dearest poppets? After all, dressing in bondage gear, bellowing that you can’t be tamed and having an X-rated photo or two on the Internet are not exactly the steps one takes on the path to an institution of higher learning.

Like many overpaid brats child stars, Miley, 17, has been privately tutored throughout her stellar career. She’s now on the brink of getting her high school diploma, and after that, as that rather bizarre Alice Cooper once sang, “School’s out forever.”

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Said the teen angel, “My sister went to college for two years and then decided she wants to be a musician and now she is a musician. I just already know what I want to do.”

And what exactly would that be, little Miss Miley? Do you plan to make black underwear the centerpiece of your wardrobe? Record more unintelligible “pop” songs that invariably require lots of dry ice on stage? Break away from your smarmy father at last? (Oops, that last goal is perhaps too sensible for Ms. Cyrus.)

Somehow, Mean Betty thinks that what Miley “wants to do” is just more of the same. And going to college is too much trouble to fit in, what with all those lovely premieres, stage shows, photo ops and fashion giveaways going on. Such a good example, kittens, for all those young girls who simply worship our little superstar!

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14 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Miley Cyrus and Higher Education

  1. Celebs who skip college are perpetuating the idea that education isn’t important. That’s why I respect actors like Natalie Portman, James Franco, and even the Olsen twins for taking a break from their careers and going to school. They’re smart enough to know the movie roles will still be there when they get out.

  2. @Fashionista: Great comment! I get where Miley’s coming from – if I were in her position, I probably wouldn’t get off that fame and fortune train just now. But education shouldn’t be relegated to a hobby, which is what she made it sound like. An education is one of the few valuable possessions that no one can take away from you.

  3. honestly, miley cyrus makes me sad. She isn’t smart no matter how much tutoring she receives. and getting married at 18?????? i sometimes wonder if she even thinks about all the little 5 and 6 year old girls who look up to her! I have a feeling we’re going to see a huge drop off in female enrollment in college in another 7 or 8 years. I’m 18 myself, and i’m headed off to college in the fall and i dont plan on marrying until i’m well into my late twenties or even thirties. I want to give my kids a good home and a loving family and i know i cant do that until i have a good education. All Miley is doing is making her own life less meaningful, not that it was all that meaningful before.
    I feel sorry for Disney as well. Their reputation has been soiled greatly by keeping Miley on the team. I wonder how poor old Walt Disney would feel about that.

  4. A lot of people go to college & decide to be musicians. They’re called music majors & real musicians. And Miley would totally fail as a music major. Keep it up girl, you & your ilk are the reasons people don’t group even educated vocalists with the rest of the musicians.

  5. We always hear about dad hillbilly oops did I just type that sorry about the jab all kidding aside where is the mother in all of this. I see a train wreck in the near future Lohan ring a bell? God bless her is all I can say

  6. I’m pretty sure she knows what she’s doing. She’s had a job for a long time now — something very few 17 year olds can say.
    That being said, I do feel she’d be missing out on a lot. I went to college, grad school and got my PhD. I love what I do — Math, and that made it worth to live with a meagerly Teacher Assistant pay for 6 years. But in terms of her career, I don’t think any of us can pretend to know whether taking time off for college would really be best for her.
    As for marrying her boyfriend, I ended up marrying my high school sweetheart 10 years after we graduated. I am glad we waited until we both knew what was what. So if she really loves the guy, she should know there’s no reason to jump into it.

  7. Miley is probably doesn’t feel she is ready to go to college! When she is ready she will go! I didn’t go to college right after high school! I wasn’t ready! I went to college for 2 years. Realized it was awesome. Had problems in my life had to take a break but I plan to go back to finish! My family just means more to me right now then my degree! When Miley is ready for college she will go we need not to push her! Her Mother and father are probably doing enough of that on they don’t need the public dissing her for her choices!

  8. Maybe she doesn’t feel like she’s ready for college yet; alot of grads just out of HS want a “break” before going back to school, but she’s planning on MARRYING???? That’s just sad… There is so much more to life than getting married and even more than singing for a living! What if you aren’t popular after say, 4 or 5 years, Miley? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a career to fall back on, like “musician”, as another commenter posted? And if you ARE still popular, well you would just be even richer in knowledge about music and singing and could be even better than you are now! Just think about it gf, don’t jump into marrying right now!

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