Mean Betty on Perez Hilton, Burkas, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and More

A look at the week's biggest boobs - so far

Mid-Week Missive

Mean Betty on Perez Hilton, Burkas, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and More

A look at the week’s biggest boobs – so far

-Mean Betty

By popular demand, Mean Betty has a few things to say today … Mean Betty just couldn’t wait until the Friday week in review!

Punching Perez

Perez Hilton

Is this a joke?  It was amusing enough that someone finally punched Perez Hilton (darling Perez, all the smartest meanies stay anonymous), but now GLADD wants him to apologize for calling a “faggot” in the first place?  Isn’t that just a little … how do you say … the pot calling the kettle queer?  Mean Betty agrees it’s most interesting that Perez chose that word, but let’s leave the dime-store psychology to Dr. Phil, shall we?  Surely GLADD has bigger things to worry about – like damage control over Perez Hilton suddenly becoming the gay marriage poster boy, thanks to ex-Miss California Carrie Prejean. (Come to think of it – who got the worse end of the stick there – gay marriage advocates or the Christian right?  Tough one!)

Burkas Are Out, Lipstick Is In

Sarkozy and Bruni

So … French President Nicolas Sarkozy has declared the burka is unwelcome in France, being a sign of a “sign of subservience” and a matter of “a woman’s freedom and dignity. “Formidable!” Sarkozy has always been one of our favorites in the Land of Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys. But Mean Betty wants to know: Does SuperFrog  really have noble intentions?  Or is he just giving Lancôme and L’Oreal a much-needed boost??

Mean Betty, Matchmaker

More news from the continent:  By now you must know that Belgian dumb bunny Kimberley Vlaeminck who had her face decorated with more stars than our beloved flag has confessed she wasn’t dead drunk when it happened, as Mean Betty naturally assumed.  She only made up the story about the tattooist making a big, big, big — repeat 56 times — mistake because her parents, who appear to be of normal intelligence, were properly horrified. But, no problem, her tattooist is obviously the perfect guy for her.

Tattoo Artist

Bet he can chomp through a Belgian waffle like nobody’s business. 

Poor, Persecuted Celebrities

The G-Free Diet

Oh, dear, oh, dear Mean Betty is feeling so very worried today about a star with yet another legal problem.  What’s the crime du jour?   Disease theft!  Yes, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, aka Miss Goodie Two-Shoes, just couldn’t keep her hands off someone else’s digestive disorder.  Who would have thunk it? A woman who sent Elisabeth a cookbook to help deal with an autoimmune problem now claims The View co-host pirated the ideas for her own book, The G-Free Diet.  Isn’t it sad, pets –Mean Betty could almost weep — because nowadays  a celebrity can’t even have a decent illness to call her very own. 

But Mean Betty will manage to dry her tears — and be back to share wisdom on Friday.  Ta-ta.


Mean Betty

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  1. The pciture of the tattoo’d guy is going to give me nightmares, it’s honestly the scariest thing I’ve seen in years. He would give children trouble sleeping!

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