Mean Betty on Perez Hilton

Maybe Miley Cyrus should stop flaunting her underage naughty bits all over the globe!
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Mean Betty on Perez Hilton

Maybe Miley Cyrus should stop flaunting her underage naughty bits all over the globe!

-Mean Betty

Perez Hilton

My darling kittens, are you really, TRULY in an uproar over Perez Hilton Tweeting Miley Cyrus getting out of a convertible with a short skirt and supposedly “sans-underwear?” Mean Betty doesn’t really believe it.

The blogger-turned-superstar Perez Hilton is drowning in a media crapstorm because Miley’s only 17 and her Photoshopped crotch shots can’t be legally splattered across the Web for another year.

Perhaps when posting the image, he momentarily forgot she was so young. In fact, Mean Betty thinks she looks about 35 and can empathize with his mistake.

Not that Perez thinks it’s a mistake, pets.

The ballsy blogger said on The Joy Behar Show “I don’t regret what I did and I would do the same thing again. It’s not actually doing anything worse than Miley herself has been doing recently, from grinding up on her 40 something year old director to pole dancing to all the over sexualized things that she has been doing and turning herself into this creature.”

Read Perez Hilton on the Miley Cyrus Photo Controversy

And now, pets, advertisers don’t want to be associated with a website that would post such tasteless pornographic content.

Well, WAKE UP advertiser darlings! It’s PEREZ HILTON! He’s made his claim to fame by posting celebrity juice (not from concentrate, so goes the tagline). He’s made millions of missteps and suddenly this one causes his advertisers to bail. Mean Betty calls them sheep.

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Perez Hilton

  1. People love to throw stones, but seriously — we are all obsessed with trashy gossip. How many of us Googled to try to find those pics out of morbid curiosity?

  2. Perez makes homophobia socially acceptable and desirable. He is despicable and calls women all mannner of vile names like the 4 letter c word and you are defending him. Why is it that you women love the queers?

  3. It doesn’t matter what she does, and what her parents let her do, Perez should not have posted the pic. I mean seriously, you’re saying it’s ok for him to post her underage crotch because she dirty danced with a man who produced one of her movies (a gay man at that) or that she wears midriff shirts and shorty shorts? Perez is such a hypocrite, and I can’t believe anyone can defend him in this issue. And another thing, if a parent has to depend on a celebrity to be their children’s role models, they shouldn’t be parents at all.

  4. What Perez Hilton did was WRONG, there is no way around that. I don’t care if it’s someone Mileys age or someone Liz Taylors age. However, celebrities know that no matter what they do, someone is lurking nearby with a camera. Sadly, too many girls don’t care. There is such a thing as better safe that sorry. If everyone covered the private bits, noone could snap and post pics of them. Also many kids look up to these people whether their parents like it or encourage it or not. I use it more as a moment to point out unacceptable behavior but I know my kids have other ideas about it. This is where maturity comes in. Hopefully what I said is in the back of their minds just waiting for the right time to come out. I hope Miley grows out of this stage soon.

  5. Teenagers have bad judgment and that’s why they need parental guidance, because she’s been the major wage earner for the family for years, she runs the show and nobody says no to her. The costumes are not appropriate unless you work in a strip joint.
    What Perez posted is child porn, it meets the legal definition posting the genitalia of an underage CHILD. His weak defense of doing it shows what a real pig of man he is. He’s making this acceptable and feeding into child molesters and child porn already glutted images online.

    I agree, he’s set back his own gay community in a tragic way, and he can’t see that either. Advertisers are fleeing from his site, right when the biggest movie season of the year is here. I hope they continue to boycott him, I hope the advertisers who stay with him lose their shirts, they deserve to.

  6. look at the girl behind hannah montana in the picture of her pole dancing! haahaaaa that face pretty much sums up what everyone has been thinking about her lately..she’s gross.

  7. Why do teenage girls run around in short skirts sans underwear these days to begin with? I’m in my early 40’s and in my teenage years even the slutty girls had more class than to do that! What’s going on with these girls??? Why are they setting the bar so low? Is their self-esteem that low that they think they need to resort to this to get attention??? I honestly don’t get it.

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