Mean Betty on Real NJ Housewives Theresa and Danielle

Sex tapes and bankruptcy court. Just another day in the neighborhood!
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Mean Betty on Real NJ Housewives Theresa and Danielle

Sex tapes and bankruptcy court. Just another day in the neighborhood!

-Mean Betty

 Theresa Giudice

Darling pets, Mean Betty has a confession to make. Mean Betty does not watch any of the “Real” Housewives as a general rule, because Mean Betty finds them just too entirely revolting. However, occasionally an episode will catch Mean Betty in its tractor beam of horror and fascination (Must. Look. Away! Can’t… tear … eyes … away … ! Have to watch! … Help me! …No more gel nails, pleeeeeaaasseee …), so Mean Betty is at least familiar with the vast cast of tacky, publicity-hungry characters.

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Therefore it comes as only a mild surprise that table-flipping Theresa Giudice and her enabling meathead hubbie headed to bankruptcy court last October for a “fresh start.” Apparently it is possible to spend millions of dollars and STILL look that tacky. Amazing!

“While this is a personal matter, I realize that certain aspects of my private life will always be subject to scrutiny and distortion,” Giudice tells PEOPLE.

Hmm … yes … it could be expected that “certain aspects” of your “private life” will be made public, you hairsprayed little moron, because you star in a reality show about your life.

This startling revelation aside, it seems Theresa is happy to be getting her “fresh start” – which means, presumably, that she can get new credit cards to rack up.

“When people fall, the way to success is to get up and learn from our mistakes,” Theresa sagely says. “We are in that process.”

Happy shopping!

Meanwhile, while it’s hard to imagine anything is more mind-boggling than how someone could be $11 million in debt and still not have a single item of clothing with taste …

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Real NJ Housewives Theresa and Danielle

  1. my heart goes out to all the good people of New Jersey – that people will watch these knuckleheads and believe that it is representative of all New Jerseyains is sickening – yet it pales in comparison when you consider what it is doing to the children of these two….absolutely horrid –

  2. How do you get 8 mortgages on 3 homes in this economy. How is it you CAN get into 11 million dollars in debt when your combined income is 79k? Oh right… the “family” gives them 120k – tax free? Who extended them credit that the rest of us have as a burden. T Rex you didn’t learn your lesson soon enough for the rest of us. This has to be criminal somewhere.

    Danielle, the ex stripper didn’t plan a sex tape from the beginning. Lies, she could stop it if she didn’t want it released. It was shopped by a production company. Do you know why? Kendra made 850k the first week her tape was out there. Danielle isn’t getting a job, this was all planned. Very skanky and a great role model for her girls. I’m thinking Dina and her cats are the most normal ones on the show.

  3. Thank you Jinxy!

    I always wondered where Teresa’s stupid ass husband money was coming from. We figured it was “family” money, but the family can’t think he is wise enough to keep around!

  4. I too, can come out now. I have no idea who these people are or why they do what they do, as I have never had enough time or inclination to try to figure out “real” people on a TV show.
    Furthermore, I have no idea why anyone would care.

  5. That crazy Danielle sang on Bravo the other night and she was shockingly good, the host was really almost speechless. I don’t think she’s going to get a singing career but certainly not the joke songs of the other two.

    This concept was interesting for the first season but most of them turned out to be crazy and strange, the only one I think will end up with a real business out of this social experiment called Housewives is Bethenny. Her books are good, and her ideas sound, plus they work! The women are only making around 3k a show they shoot, they aren’t shoot around 12 weeks. If they want to parlay this into a money making venture they have to hustle. Bethanny seems to be the one who broke out successfully. Good for her.

  6. I have to admit that watching the Real Housewives of… shows is one of my vices. NJ is one of my favorites for some reason, probably because it’s so gritty compared to the others. (I don’t watch Atlanta.) Danielle is as nutty and psychotic as they come. Watching her spiral out of control while taking her beautiful and smart daughters down with her is sad. Her older daughter is like 15; could you imagine being in high school and your mom puts out a sex tape?? The older one is also attempting to model professionally and is quite good at it, but this stunt by her mom may ruin for her. Poor kids.

    As for Theresa, I like her, but her spending habits and spoiling her girls like she does has always been over-the-top and out of control. I too cannot believe they were able to get into that much debt. Both her and her husband sound completely stupid when it comes to finances.

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