Mean Betty on Rewarding Bad Celeb Behavior

Yes, Charlie Sheen, we're talking to you.

Mean Betty on Rewarding Bad Celeb Behavior

Yes, Charlie Sheen, we’re talking to you.

-Mean Betty

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This morning, Mean Betty heard the butler grumbling as he was mixing her drink, making her breakfast that Charlie Sheen was going back to Two and a Half Man! Mean Betty was so upset; she dropped her medicinal shot of vodka! Then Mean Betty hobbled over to the butler (she’s not very good before noon), grabbed his lapels and said, “WHAT?!”

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The butler slowly explained that Jeff Rossen of NBC News had been tweeting  updates about the sitch between Charlie and CBS. One tweet stated, “Sources close to Charlie Sheen tell NBC News, CBS has offered him his job back. Discussions ongoing. Not a done deal.”

That wasn’t the only earth -hattering tweet! There were more including this one: “To be clear, there are 2 companies involved. Sources say, CBS would be happy to take Charlie back, but he still needs to reach deal with WB.”

Then Mean Betty found out that Charlie’s ex, Brooke Mueller, is not renewing the restraining order against him! LA Superior Court spokeswoman, Elizabeth Martinez told People: “An attorney in the case asked that it be taken off the calendar.”

Apparently the two have reached a confidential custody agreement!

Oh kittens, just as Meanie was sitting back in her barcalounger, drink breakfast in one hand, remote in another and her feet dangling up in the air, the pool boy ran into the house breathless with more “Rockstar from Mars” news! Charlie’s Charlie Sheen LIVE: My Violent Torpedo of Truth, the one-man show has been selling out everywhere! On St. Patrick’s Day, he sold out New York City’s Radio City Music Hall twice! The first show sold out in 30 minutes, they added another show and it sold out just as quickly!

Mean rocketed out of barcalounger faster than a tiger running away from a transfusion. My little ewe lambs, Meanie wonders is this the new Hollywood? The new world order? The more badly you behave the more money you’ll make, the more fame and adulation you’ll receive?

Well, Mean Betty is having none of that! The moment she sees Charlie Sheen in the flesh, she’s planning on jumping on him, bending him over her knee and spanking him.

On second thought, that might be a bad idea — he’d probably  like it.


Mean Betty

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