Mean Betty on Russell Brand and Katy Perry

Russell gets arrested, and Katy parties! What a couple!

Mean Betty on Russell Brand and Katy Perry

Russell gets arrested, and Katy parties! What a couple!

-Mean Betty

Russell Brand and Katy Perry

Hello, poppets! So much excitement this week – Paris Hilton getting off lightly (again), Lindsay Lohan taking drugs (again)—and “entertainer” Russell Brand being arrested for slugging a paparazzi at LAX!

You probably didn’t hear about Brand’s arrest, darlings, since so much more attention was given to his fiancé Katy Perry’s bachelorette party this weekend in Las Vegas. Mr. Brand was en route to Las Vegas with Ms. Perry when a photographer tried to take a picture under little Katy’s dress.

Russell, ever the gallant British gentleman, leaped to her defense, my dears, felling the foul intruder with one blow of his manly hand. Or something like that. Katy, undeterred, continued to her bachelorette party, where she engaged in worthwhile activities like fastening a bridal veil to her bikini bottom and getting a lap dance from a woman at a strip club (so shocking!).

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She also tweeted to her followers, “If you cross the line & try and put a lens up my dress, my fiancé will do his job & protect me.” How romantic, kittens! Haven’t we all dreamed of that at one time or another – having a big, strong man guard us from someone trying to take an upskirt picture? It’s the stuff that romance is made of!

Mr. Brand, who has been arrested 11 times, including once for public nudity, was released on $20,000 bond.

Now, kittens, don’t misunderstand Mean Betty. What the “photographer” did was over the line. At the same time, Mean Betty cannot help but think that what with her endless boob-flashing and TMI revelations (she made Russell wait for sex!) Ms. Perry really cannot expect any other kind of treatment from the paparazzi. No, that is not fair, pets, but it’s the way of the world.

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And Mean Betty finds it so difficult to feel sorry for this “entertainer,” who gave a concert at her high school and a sarcastic shout out to a boy who dared to choose another girl over her. After naming this unfortunate young man, the Perry girl sarcastically screamed, “You made the right choice, honey!”

Actually, little Katy, we think he did.


Mean Betty

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  1. I can understand Russell getting angry and defending Katy, but ye gods! Getting arrested 11 times? Is he trying to get into the Guinness Book of World Records for the number of arrests?

  2. I keep getting this chick confused with another singer/actress Zooey Deschanel who I consider to be far more talented but less controversial. God knows we all know how important controversy is in the limelight.

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